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  • Thursday ,16 January 2014

National Council for Women receives 90 complaints on referendum


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Thursday ,16 January 2014

National Council for Women receives 90 complaints on referendum

CAIRO: Head of Women’s Complaints Office in the National Council for Women Fatma Khafagi, said that they it received 90 complaints during the first day of the constitutional referendum.

The organization referred these complaints to the Supreme Elections Committee, indicating that 17 of the complaints were for obstructing the referendum process, 14 for the lack of non-local polling stations, and 13 for not finding voters names in the registered lists.
Of those complaints, 39 were from Cairo, 11 from Alexandria, eight from Giza, seven from Luxor, and four from Gharbia.
In Cairo, the complaints of not finding the names in the voters’ lists were dominant, in Alexandria the complaints were the highest about the distance between the polling stations and place of residence and of obstructing the referendum.
The distance between the stations and place of residence was also dominant in Giza and Luxor, but in Gharbia there were complaints about preventing the entrance of civil society observers into stations, in addition to the slow process of voting.
In Asyut, complaints were equal about the slow process and closing poll stations in different periods during voting.
Most complaints in Dakahlia and Sharqia were about not allowing observers to enter the polling stations despite having a permit. And in Qalyubia, Beni Suef and Sohag, most complaints were about the slow process.