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  • Wednesday ,15 January 2014

Voting procedures continue along with demonstrations supporting constitution


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Wednesday ,15 January 2014

Voting procedures continue along with demonstrations supporting constitution

CAIRO: Voting continued in different districts on the first day of the referendum on the constitution along with some demonstrations supporting the army, while the Administrative Prosecution Authority (APA) received a number of complaints.

The operation room of the APA received hundreds of enquiries from citizens to know their electoral polling stations.
The room received as well a complaint that one of the polling stations’ judges did not arrive until near 12:00 p.m., forcing the APA to assign another judge.
The operation room headed by the APA started working from Monday and received all the citizens’ enquiries.
Besides, dozens women of Dar al-Salam district organized a demonstration supporting army and police in front of Al-Salam Preparatory School, and repeated chants urging national unity and against Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Jazeera channel.
The head of the National Council for Human Rights Mohamed Fayeek said that the voting procedures are going well. He added in a press release on Tuesday that the citizens are keen on voting, adding that the operation room received a number of complaints.
The sub-committees of Old Cairo district witnessed a large turnout with long queues outside polling station, while several cars roamed the area with pictures of Minister of Defense Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and Egyptian flags.
Vehicles affiliated to Nour Party spread around Imbaba and Waraq districts in Giza holding banners “yes to constitution” near polling stations.
Additionally, in the polling stations of Nasr City, there were banners and posters placed by the Nour Party calling people to vote for the constitution, saying “Yes to constitution and renouncing violence.”
Futhermore, security forces prevented journalists and observers from entering polling stations who did not have authorization from the Supreme Electoral Commissions.