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  • Monday ,13 January 2014

What is Loyalty?

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,13 January 2014

What is Loyalty?

Voting time I should not be here but somewhere voting however due to a lot of reasons I could not be there I feel embarrassed for that like a solder running away from the battel this is why I ask you Egyptians all true Egyptians to VOTE FOR ME! I’m not asking you to say YES or NO I trust your instincts and that you will choose what is the best for this country we all love and God Blessed Egypt!

I know voting can not be passed to any person is a very personal thing but what I mean with VOTE FOR ME is to be out there voting, if you do not have a strong excuse prevents you from voting if you feel lazy or it is useless to vote or whatever other reason then I want you all to VOTE FOR ME meaning get up and go out there VOTE for the best of this country that suffered so long been subject of so many conspiracies and still standing tall fighting back terrorist!
This is my main issue today, the facts tangled with imaginations trying to cover back the luck of information due to top secrecy elements that keep truth away from being published and exposed!
Last week I exposed the secret documents that become public of the Iron Woman Margaret Thatcher showing how the country of liberty that created the human rights and protects them keeping a Terrorist who committed crimes against that country and humanity to stay in the country just to preserve his human rights; I repeat how astonishing was the leaders of this country R.I.P. Mrs. Thatcher or current leader honorable M. Cameron were ready to crash human rights to preserve the unity and safety of the country! The Country I live in it and enjoy its peace and wealth comes first, even if I am an immigrant, I still owe this country that hosted me and provided me food and shelter a lot of respect to its laws and unity! This is the issue a lot of us can not understand, it is not because I’m not a native of that country, or was not born in it from parents who by their turn were born in it I should not respect or love that country! Let us imagine immigrants in Canada kill each other and blow Canada in to pieces would Canada be almost if not biggest country in the world? Would it be possible for those immigrants to keep living in such a country or they would had to head back to the countries they did immigrate from?
Egypt opened its doors to a lot of immigrants out of compassion, Sudan was and still boiling since El-Bashir assumed power via a COUT D’ETAS that no body contested moreover her become a recognised president over seeing a court decision he was a criminal against human rights and was demanded to be imprisoned, he is still free dividing Sudan and trying to sub-divide even more! Lot of Sudan people fled to Egypt that never rejected them keeping in mind that once upon a time the king of Egypt was the KING OF EGYPT & SUDAN! One land that imperialism divided in to two separate countries, and trying to divide even more! Egypt opened its doors to Palestinians when the gates of hell opened in Gaza following a toy roquet Hamas dared to launch on Israel killing few people Israel thought it is an unforgivable mistake! Those guys Egypt saved from the HELL of Israel, are rising a HELL on Egyptians like if Egypt become Israel! Egypt again opened its doors to Syrians fled from the HELL of Syria regardless who is right and who is wrong Syrian was and remains in the hearts of Egyptians since -R.I.P.-Nasser and Kowatly announced the United Arab Republic that included Egypt and Syria! Even Kudaffy at a point of time he joined to have United Arab including Egypt Syria and Libya and relations with Saddam Hussein -R.I.P- were more than excellent since the Egyptian army helped Iraq recovering the Island the Iraq was fighting for over 7 years with Iran! Moreover the Egyptian army helped in recovering Kuwait without one single drop of Iraq, Egyptian, or Kuwait blood! They did prove then our Egyptian Army reputation is above discussion and USA troops never got the chance to demolish Iraq army as planed in dessert storm operations! 
Since then new plots and conspiracies to demolish our Egyptian army started let is had a closer look at todays status I already spoke of Sudan status Libya is no more Libya but Nato and Muslim Brotherhood training camps to blow up Egypt, Hamas I said it earlier the fight Egyptians not Israel, Syria 3 forces killing each other and who knows who else might come into the fight? Bashar and his army, free Syrians who want Syria back and obviously MB which wants to jump into any party take a piece of the cake!
But why al that is our Egyptian Army so strong CIA wants it down and can not so far break it apart? Yes for sure but this is not the only reason, the main reason is Intelligence failures that would not let go of important secrets, the people that RUN the CIA, MI6, Mussad, Qatar or Turkey intelligence even Russian intelligence are just human beings, led by intelligent computers that are as well invented by human beings or subjects of right and wrong doing! Secret ink communications was broken wireless communications intercepted and any new invention will have it’s counter part to break it! When you fell to protect your secrets you need to go and in this intelligence world persecuted as well to cover up your wrong doing and as well to correct the holes that lead to this failure! 
Ousted Morsy -sorry not ousted president he was never fairly elected to be president so I can only call him OUSTED MORSY- he was not just a traitor who treated Egyptians without loyalty, but as well a SPY, and this means he holds valuable top secret information that the guys behind it will never stop trying to cover it up!
Spies usually are treated as war prisoners when from a different nationality, or if a Spanish -to name someone- spy is captured Spain might exchange him with another spy from another nationality they hold him, but this is not the case with Morsy, he is not an American even if he was granted USA nationality, this will never grant him American born citizenship rights, he would never be claimed as a prisoner of war cause USA is not in a declared war with Egypt, and the CIA can not just let go of their spies unprotected! This a very bad image for the CIA and probably the leaders that hired Morsy as a spy are now secretly behind bars or may be executed to keep their secrets in grave forever!
The Dark Art of Intelligence is still behind the events in Egypt so keep ready for more secrets to be exposed or forever disappear until the time is right to publish, but for sure once again, the secrets of today will be newspapers headline tomorrow!
May God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians in this crucial times and let the Power Of Love Overcome the Love of Power so Peace will be on Earth!