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  • Friday ,10 January 2014

The great revolutions of Egypt

Ezzat Boulos

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Friday ,10 January 2014

The great revolutions of Egypt

TV talk shows keep publishing recorded phone calls of political activists who participated in the revolution of January 25, and later traded on it and betrayed it. 

Therefore, it was normal for many people to lose confidence in the revolution and start asking: Was it a real revolution or just a big conspiracy? It was clear that there were some invisible dirty hands, which wanted to take advantage of the youth of the revolution and use them, just like the terrorist group of the Muslim Brotherhood did.
The overwhelming desire of change by millions of the Egyptians appeared clearly right before Mubarak stepped down. Such desire was ignited by suppression of security forces who blackmailed and intimidated citizens with many red lines and taboos. There were many reasons for the youth of Egypt to revolt against Mubarak’s regime, and they did.
During the revolution of January 25, those pure young people gave us a wonderful pictures like cleaning the Squares and making funny jokes of the regime.
However, they didn’t have enough experience to deal with such revolution. They didn’t know much about politics that their revolution was stolen by enemies of Egypt, I mean the Muslim Brotherhood.
Thank God, those terrorist failed to seize Egypt after the revolution of June 30 had come to correct the path of its preceding one. Now, we have to support those pure young people who can rebuild Egypt for all who love her.