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  • Tuesday ,07 January 2014

Dialogue with an unthinking Rabaa supporter




Tuesday ,07 January 2014

Dialogue with an unthinking Rabaa supporter

Two days ago circumstances led me to a dialogue with a young man who I knew well.

He was not one of the ousted president Mohamed Morsi’s supporters in the first round of the presidential elections, but he supported him in the second when Morsi was competing with Ahmed Shafiq, who was one of the former president Hosni Mubarak’s allies.
Now, the man is one of the enemies of the June 30 Revolution as he sees it as serving the “return of military rule and the dissolved National Democratic Party” to political life. He told me, “The real revolution is January 25 Revolution only, while June 30 is a fabricated one.”
I asked him “if this revolution [June 30] is fabricated, why did millions of people take to the streets?” He said confidently, “They are 2 million people; all of them were from the dissolved National Democratic Party.”
I asked him, “Am I from the dissolved National Democratic Party, are the people in the villages, alleys, cities from the dissolved National Democratic Party?” To which he replied, “They were few, you are not from the dissolved National Democratic Party but there are few people like you.”
The dialogue turned to what is more important; he said that thousands died in the dispersal of the Rabaa Al-Adaweya and Nahda sit-ins. I told him, “This is a great exaggeration made by the Muslim Brotherhood as they used to do.” He said, “Why were the two sit-ins dispersed?”
I said, “Because they turned out to be non-peaceful sit-ins” and I reminded him with some of the things that happened in the two sit-ins, such as the militias show before June 30 when the participants carried sticks, bladed weapons and others.
I reminded him of the wall that was built to protect the protesters and of the threats made by the Islamists on the stage of the Rabaa sit-in.
I also reminded him of the government’s calls to the protesters to end the sit-in in order to get out safely; I talked with him about how the most democratic countries like the U.S. and Britain deal with such sit-ins in a completely different way than what was allowed to happen in the Rabaa sit-in.
I talked about a lot of things, but he did not listen to anything which was clear when he said, “They stay in the sit-in as they want” I told him, “There is no state in the world that would allow this.”
The conversation turned to a point that drives me crazy; I told him “Rabaa sit-in and before it revealed that we were ruled by people who misused religion, they described their opponents as apostates. Also, their reality uncovered that they want either to rule us or the terrorism they do every day in Sinai and other governorates which results in the death of innocent people.
The surprise was when he replied, “The terrorist operations are done by security forces in order to accuse the Muslim Brotherhood of that, and to convince people that there is no alternative to military rule. The truth is that those persons, like Asem Abdel Maged, and others are honorable.”
My blood pressure became high as I listened to these words which confirmed his lack of thinking; I will continue the conversation tomorrow.