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  • Tuesday ,07 January 2014

6 April Movement accused of espionage

By-Almasry Alyoum

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Tuesday ,07 January 2014

6 April Movement accused of espionage

Judicial sources at the Supreme State Security Prosecution said prosecutors received accusations against members of the 6 April Movement regarding espionage and receiving funds from foreign countries.

The sources added that they requested investigations by security services into the matter, but have not yet received any.
The 6 April Movement has recently stepped up criticism of the interim government recently in light of the new protest law, which requires prior authorization before holding any demonstration. The movement's leaders have been active critics and were jailed for demonstrating against the law.
Critics of the movement are now accusing its members receive training in foreign countries, particularly Serbia and the United States, on how to attack the regime and demonstrate against laws that violate human rights.
The movement is also now accused of transferring sensitive national security information and reports to foreign countries.
The sources complained that a member received US$25,000 to share with the rest of the trainees.
Sources claim preliminary information revealed communication between some members of the movement that confirm the accusations.