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  • Monday ,30 December 2013

January opening of port between Sudan and Egypt confirmed


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Monday ,30 December 2013

January opening of port between Sudan and Egypt confirmed

The Sudanese Ministry of Transportation, Roads and Bridges has announced the upcoming opening of the Ashkin – Halfa Port. The opening of this port—which links Egypt and Sudan—was previously postponed for improvements, but has been placed back on schedule for its completion next January.

In a statement to the Sudanese Center for Press Services, manager of the Road Transportation department in the Ministry Abdel-Allah Omar El-Sharif predicted that the President’s office will soon officially declare the opening of the road. He added that “this road will facilitate transportation, trade and communication between the two nations”.

El-Sharif confirmed that “both states have completed all the administrative and technical arrangements related to the port and the road”. “All services required by travellers are provided to ease the transportation flow and trade between the two nations,” he said.


El-Sharif also mentioned the benefits of the port: “Opening this port will effectively stimulate the economy, offering new job opportunities and improving the economic and living standards of both nations.”