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  • Friday ,27 December 2013

Finally: The Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group

Essam Nasiem

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Friday ,27 December 2013

Finally: The Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group
Finally, after shedding the blood of too many innocent people, the Muslim Brotherhood was named a terrorist group by Egypt’s government. Millions of Egyptians felt quite comfortable to hear such decision that healed their hearts after they extremely suffered by this bloody group.
However the announcement came too late under public pressure, the government was clearly confused about the decision that the Prime Minister couldn't make the announcement himself, as if he doesn’t approve it or he is afraid to make it. This proved he doesn’t fit his office at such significant time. Yet, his government couldn’t hinder the decision anymore.
Since its foundation, the Muslim Brotherhood has never been a national group and has never cared for the national interests and security. It was funded by the English occupation and cooperated with foreign intelligences to achieve its own interests. In fact, it’s but a traitor group that doesn’t deserve living in this country as it doesn’t even recognize a home country.
This group used terrorism against the Egyptians since its very beginning. It killed many innocent people and destroyed many facilities. It burned shops of the Jewish in the forties and killed many of them. It also assassinated Nuqrashi Pasha and judge Alkhazndar. It also tried to assassinate President Gamal Abdel Nasser who executed some of them and put many others in jail.
In the seventies, it terrorized and persecuted the Copts after Sadat had brought its leader out of jail. Later, they managed to assassinate Sadat himself. Many takfirist and terrorist groups emerged from the Muslim Brotherhood.
Under Mubarak’s regime they made a lot of profits and became extremely rich and powerful that they were able to cause a lot of damage to Egypt upon removing them from power, especially the Coptic churches and properties. They are but traitors whose leaders have spied for foreign countries in order to get their approval and support.
‪Egyptian government declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group after it truly terrorized both the Christians and Muslims in Egypt. Yet, the state should stop this bloody group with the power of law. It should be treated as terrorist group not a political one.