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  • Friday ,27 December 2013

Terrorism is a part of a new international mafia




Friday ,27 December 2013

Terrorism is a part of a new international mafia

The indications of the frequent terrorist attacks targeting civilians, security personnel and security facilities in Sinai and nationwide go beyond Egypt’s internal conflict and represent a link in a chain of political and economic interests operated by a mafia with which terrorist organizations have interests too.

It seems that the traditional pattern of this mafia that operated murders and robberies has been developed to a more complicated network of common interests with policemen, judges, members of parliament, heads of syndicates, politicians, movie stars, arms and drug dealers.
The principal of ‘common interests’ nowadays dominates economic policies, international agreements and wars; and the current situation in Egypt reflects the interconnectedness of money, politics, terrorism, wars and weaponry.
The USA, and Arab and Islamic countries created the monster of Al-Qaeda to help dismantle the USSR, and following the end of the Cold War, the USA launched the war in Afghanistan to uproot ‘the monster’ following the Sep. 11 attack. Al-Qaeda, which is involved in the Iraqi instability, in the Syrian crisis and in the terrorist attacks occurring in Sinai and other regions within Egypt, is apparently leading a proxy destabilization-based war in favor of the USA.
Terrorism, usually stirred by fanatic religious orientations and motivated by malice and hatred, differs from the network of the political mafia that uses hatred for its own interest.
Al-Qaeda has turned Iraq’s public revolution against a dictatorship into a civil war that is against the interests of the Iraqi people, but it is in favor of the international mafia of politics and weaponry.
The chaotic terrorist organizations play an important role in the new version of the mafia, to which the Muslim Brotherhood might be linked.
The International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood definitely has its own political and economic interests that are intertwined with the interests of other organizations.
Founders and supporters of Al-Qaeda and all the other affiliated organizations of radical Islam had a farsightedness and knew that in the future they will be able to reformat these organizations to be a part of their economic and political plans to dominate the Middle East.
The Muslim Brotherhood has been committing several political murders and acts of violence since it was founded in 1920s, but its terrorism has been developed to be a gear in the international mafia machine.
Terrorist organizations, including the Muslim Brotherhood do not kill for free; they could join an international or regional network of the mafia that is based on the principal of common interests.
Countering terrorism requires the dismantling of the network of interests and another complicated network of beneficiaries, funders, politicians and media figures.