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  • Friday ,27 December 2013

Explosion in Cairo's Madinet Nasr leaves 5 injured


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Friday ,27 December 2013

Explosion in Cairo's Madinet Nasr leaves 5 injured

A huge explosion was heard Thursday morning near a school complex in Nasr City, Director of Civil Emergency Services Gamal Halawa told Ahram Arabic news website. 

Cairo's Director of explosives department at the ministry of interior Alaa Abd El-Zaher confirmed to Ahram Arabic website that an unknown individual threw an explosive near a public bus in front of King Fahd School complex in Nasr City.
Abd El-Zaher added explosives experts found an undetonated bomb planted in a garden in front of the school complex.
The location of the explosion is near Al-Azhar university building, the headquarters of National Security as well as a police station.
Abd El-Zaher said five bus passengers were injured.
There are unconfirmed reports of one death.
The area was cordoned by the police for investigations.
The five wounded were transported to the Health Insurance Hospital in Nasr City, Head of Ambulance Service Ahmed El-Ansary told Ahram Arabic Website.
El-Ansary stated that no deaths have been reported so far.