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  • Tuesday ,24 December 2013

Fighting terrorism by guns and boycotting!

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,24 December 2013

Fighting terrorism by guns and boycotting!

The billionaires Safwan Thabet, owner of Johania Food Industries, and Mohamed Momen, owner of Momen Food Courts, are also well-known leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. They financially support the banned group and pay them a lot of money to cause huge destruction to Egypt and kill many Egyptians including Muslims and Christians.

Therefore, the Egyptians have to stop dealing with their companies and stop buying their products. We should know that the money we pay to buy their products is apparently used to buy weapons to kill our brothers and destroy our homeland. 
Dealing with such companies that clearly support the terrorists means supporting their bloody violence, burning churches and destroying public universities.
Fighting their fanaticism and terrorism can be achieved not only by military actions, but also by boycotting their products that they use our money to financially support such terrorist attacks.
Many companies like Ragab Sons & Fathallah Hypermarkets, Istikbal Furniture, Egypt Contracting and many private schools are huge sources of financial support to the terrorists who kill our people and destroy our homeland. Stop supporting them, and boycott their products right now!