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Monday ,23 December 2013


He was in prison on what charges I do not recall but when I tried to trace it back on Google I only got the last charges after 30th of June 2013 and obviously written by supporters of Ikhwan or Muslim Brotherhood -MB for short- who tried to ignore his prior charges like if Khirat El Shater went to prison for the first time due to this revolution! But lies soon uncover their agly faces as lies! 

Wikipedia SAID
 After the then president Anwar Sadat's assassination in 1981, el-Shater was exiled as an Islamist dissident, and left for England. After returning in the mid-1980s, he became an active member of the Muslim Brotherhood. In 1995, he became head of the Brotherhood's Greater Cairo branch.
El-Shater led a successful furniture and textile business with branches in Cairo's luxurious shopping malls, which earned him a fortune of several millions. He is considered a main financier and chief strategist of the Brotherhood. Under the Mubarak regime, he was imprisoned from 2007 until his release by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces in March 2011. Following the victory of the Freedom and Justice Party (parliamentary wing of the Muslim Brotherhood) in the 2011/12 parliamentary election, el-Shater was tipped as a likely candidate for Prime Minister of a coalition government. The Middle East researcher Avi Asher-Schapiro considers el-Shater to be a strong advocate of privatization and free market. Even though he is the nominal number two in the Brotherhood's hierarchy, some consider him its actual leader. In the eyes of many analysts and activists, he is one of the main reasons behind the anti-revolutionary style of politics the MB followed since the fall of Mubarak. He is also claimed to be responsible for the expulsion of the dissident Brotherhood member Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh and his supporters. Then under the title ARREST said [El-Shater was arrested on 5 July 2013, following the military coup d'état which unseated the Brotherhood-led government and President Mohamed Morsi. On 14 July 2013 Egypt's military-installed prosecutor general Hisham Barakat ordered his assets to be frozen. On 29 October 2013, a three-judge panel at Cairo Criminal Court stepped down from the proceedings, citing "uneasiness" over the trial. On 11 December 2013, a second panel of judges withdrew from the trial.]
Obviously this some MB supporters wrote this part in Wikipedia but as I said lies soon uncover their agly faces in this part of the very same document in Wikipedia under the title...
Presidential candidacy
On 31 March 2012 the Freedom and Justice Party named him their candidate for the presidential election in May. El-Shater formally resigned from the Brotherhood in order to run for President and to avoid violating the Brotherhood's pledge not to field a candidate. The announcement of Shater's presidential candidacy was a historical first for the 83-year-old group, which originally pledged that none of their members would run for president to calm secular and western governments' fears of a complete Islamist takeover by the group. Earlier in 2012, Khairat El-Shater had denied any intentions for entering the presidential race on Al Jazeera, after Ahmed Mansour, host of  the show Without Lmits, had subtly questioned the sequence of events which later took place on 31 March 2012. The Egyptian Supreme Council of the Armed Forces barred El-Shater from the presidential race on 14 April 2012, stating that he was only released from prison in March 2011, in violation of election rules stating that a candidate has to be released from prison for 6 years before he can become a candidate. Bottom LINE as we see ignoring totally his previous imprisonment did not got far and they had to admit he was in PRISON!
Now, in this document most of it -copy and paste as is- I said MB supporters wrote it not MB itself for two reasons:-
1. They are not that intelligent [and about it I have another say letter]
2. An obvious early to go propaganda for the new -to be CIA candidade-He is also claimed to be responsible for the expulsion of the dissident Brotherhood member Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh and his supporters!
So obviously CIA hands had altered if not originally wrote this document!
Upon the 1st arrest of the before last arrest of EL-SHATER during Mubarak times his chief of intelligence (Egyptian Intelligence) R.I.P. Omar Solieman had publicly exposed EL-SHATER diaries and portions of it were published in Al-Ahram newspaper and explicitly said among his recommendations to seize power is to create a public confusion! And I underlined the world confusion because it is the name of the game since January 2011!
I said it over on Maspiro enents when our protector -the Military Council- was accused of the massacre over there! Then at Mohamed Mahmoud and Pri-minister events and many more time I did wonder on which leg we have to stand?
Confusion is the Name of The GAME
The map of the road agreed upon politicians early July 2013, included Islamic Politics but the people had expressed their rejection of religious politics, not their religion just under-covered religious politics, and SALAFIES were included in the path of Egyptian reform and become the biggest obstacle in the new constitution creating so many confusions!
 Constitution was done and new confusions rise every day about the sentences and explanations of the words as I wrote last week! But this is not the end of the game, the major obstacle that delayed so long the new constitution become suddenly a supporter of it calling the public to vote and they will vote but who knows on which side? Another confusion, but this is not the end time runs and new elections -presidential, parliamentarily, and on top of them constitutional- will be due let confusion extend and let CIA cover up its failures!
One of the major errors of CIA was choosing their spy on Egypt who sat temporally on its presidency chair Mohamed Morsy who turned to be the most stupid brainless spy on earth -recall my point 1 of MB intelligence earlier above?- When as a nominated president for Egypt Angela Mircel warns him about Al-Qaeda terrorists activities this intelligent spy uses the main phone line of his room to warn Ayman El Zawahery the leader of Al-Qaeda about his activities were monitored by the German Intelligence this shows how much errors did CIA choosing him to sit on Egypt’s presidency chair! But did CIA learn the lesson? No way they try once more to give the chair to Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh! And to confuse more the people on the streets get Hamden Sabahi and Aiman Nour on the spot lights to create more and more confusions and division in the streets of Egypt!
This is the name of the game since ever CONFUSION!!!!
May God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians in this crucial times of their history, and let the power of love overcome the love of power Amen.