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  • Monday ,23 December 2013

Mubarak happy after sons’ not guilty verdict


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Monday ,23 December 2013

Mubarak happy after sons’ not guilty verdict

CAIRO: Toppled president Hosni Mubarak expressed happiness following a Cairo Criminal Court verdict freeing his sons Alaa and Gamal of charges filed against them in the pilots’ housing corruption case, sources close to Mubarak said.

Sources said Mubarak told them following the court verdict that he had been sure his sons would be cleared of the charges because of a lack of evidence.
Mubarak said his sons gave up the land they owned at the start of investigations.
He told the sources that his sons are now imprisoned pending one more case, having been freed of charges in this case and in a case of exchange stock manipulation.
The sources also said that Mubarak was happy there were supporters outside of the courthouse demonstrating that some Egyptians still support him and are convinced of his innocence.