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  • Thursday ,19 December 2013

Our Honorable Judges

Abu ElNakd ElSarei

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Thursday ,19 December 2013

Our Honorable Judges
Religions have always been subject to criticism, but our honorable judges in Egypt and their rules are not! The Coptic Christians are being wronged and oppressed, even by the judiciaries.
For example, Only Christians were condemned by the judiciary in Khosous sectarian incidents, where 6 Christians and one Muslim man were killed. In Khoshh sectarian incidents (1998/1999), 22 Christians were killed, but no body has been condemned. Furthermore, Chief Judge Mohamed Afifi blamed 3 Coptic priests for inciting the sectarian incidents demanding the late Pope Shenouda III to punish them!
In Dirout sectarian incidents (1992), 12 Copts were killed, but in the end the police compromised and deferred the issue with the terrorists, and no body was arrested! Same thing happened at Nag Hamadi and Impapa sectarian incidents as well as Maspero massacre. Moreover, in Abu Korkas sectarian incidents, 16 Copts were convicted, but all of the Muslims were acquitted! 
How come our honorable judges issue such verdicts against the victims? Yet, we’re not even allowed to criticize them! It’s never been just coincidence that the Copts receive such rulings by our honorable judges. How come they still claim that all egyptians are equal before the court of law?
Some people may accuse the police of complicity and being responsible for not collecting the due evidence in order to convect the Muslim assailants. This may be true, especially when the victims are Christians. 
Our honorable judges claim being rightful and pious, but this is not true when it comes to Christian victims and Muslim assailants. In fact, Coptic Christians are not treated equally before the court of law. Our honorable judges, enough is enough!