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  • Thursday ,19 December 2013

Revolutionary Socialists call for “no” vote on constitution

By Aswat Masriya

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Thursday ,19 December 2013

Revolutionary Socialists call for “no” vote on constitution
The Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists have called for a “no” vote on a draft constitution set to be put to a referendum early next year.
In a statement on Wednesday, the movement said the constitution represents to a “ruling gang” and denounced the 50-member assembly that wrote it.
A constituent assembly, chaired by Amr Moussa, was formed after the ouster of President Mohamed Mursi to amend a constitution written last year by an Islamist-led assembly.  
When the army deposed Mursi in July, in response to mass demonstrations across the country, it suspended the Islamists’ constitution and announced early parliamentary and presidential elections.
The Revolutionary Socialists, which have described Mursi’s removal as a military coup on several occasions, believe the new constitution gives the army too much power.