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  • Wednesday ,18 December 2013

Negative thinking

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,18 December 2013

Negative thinking

During a soft skills course, the trainer asked his trainees to save their balloons just for one minute. Instead, each of them tried to blow up the balloons of the others. Consequently, they got their balloons blown up except for one who could save his as didn’t try to blow up the other’s balloons. 

Unfortunately, many times do we have such negative thinking against the others and try to destroy them instead of improving ourselves. In fact, there are enough rewards or success for every body, but such negative thinking makes us ready to fight and destroy each other even for no reason!
Having said that, I may be accused of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, giving them another chance and reconcile with them. Well, I don’t really do, as I don’t trust them anymore. However, I only want to find a way in order to progress or develop. Many countries have developed as they appreciate hard working people and reward successful workers instead of destroying them as we usually do here. 
The Muslim Brotherhood may claim that Mohamed Morsy was ousted because he was successful, which is not true. The people trusted Morsy and supported him in the elections. Yet, his catastrophic mistakes were the reason the same people decided to remove him from power.
It was the great failure of the Muslim Brotherhood in power that made the people hate it. It’s even betrayed the homeland and were to blow up in the people’s face. Furthermore, supporters of the Brotherhood mercilessly murdered their brothers in Egypt just as they oppose it!
However people have trusted the Muslim Brotherhood and expected a lot from it, it had this negative thinking and many stupid acts that forced the people to overthrow them after one year of being in power. Yet, it was so stupid even to recognize the truth!