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  • Wednesday ,18 December 2013

14 Cairo University pro-MB students released

By-Almasry Alyoum

Copts and Poliltical Islam


Wednesday ,18 December 2013

14 Cairo University pro-MB students released

Fourteen pro-Muslim Brotherhood students were released on a LE50,000 bail by Giza Criminal Court on Monday, after their appeal on the decision during the hearing.

The prosecution had ordered their detention for four days pending investigations into their involvement in the riots and violence that took place last week at the Cairo University.
The defendants face charges of demonstrating without a permit from the Interior Ministry in violation of the new protest law, thuggery, crowding, assaulting individuals and public and private property, deliberately destroying government facilities, possessing firearms and bladed weapons without a license, endangering public security and resisting authorities.
Investigations said that most of the suspected students belong to a movement entitled “Students Against the Coup,” who were protesting the detention of their colleagues by the police.
Investigation by the General Intelligence and the National Security Agency points to this group as the main perpetrators behind the Cairo University violence over the past two days, including the attacks it claimed on security forces, as four recruits police are now suffering cuts and bruises across their bodies.