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  • Tuesday ,17 December 2013

Nour Party calls on president to follow roadmap


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Tuesday ,17 December 2013

Nour Party calls on president to follow roadmap

CAIRO: Spokesperson of the Salafist Nour Party Sherif Taha told Youm7 on Monday that the president must adhere to the military-backed roadmap announced after the July 3 ouster of President Mohamed Morsi.

Taha said if the constitution passes in the referendum, then the president will have the right to determine whether parliamentary or presidential elections are held first.  According to the roadmap, parliamentary elections should be held before a president is elected.
Conducting presidential elections before parliamentary elections will place the executive and legislative authorities in the hands of the president, an action that will negatively impact the parliamentary ballot, Taha added.
The presidential advisor for constitutional affairs Ali Awad denied what newspapers published over the president considering holding presidential before parliamentary elections.
Awad said that the president is “studying how to hold the parliamentary elections after finishing the referendum on the constitution.”
He further said that the president is to approve 80 percent of the individual seats and 20 percent for lists linking with the parliamentary elections systems.
The Nour Party believes that the electoral law should be a mixture of individual-candidates and the party-list systems, said Taha. Political parties should determine the percentage of each, he added.
 Taha warned that if the individual system is used in parliamentary elections, then this might enable former members of Hosni Mubarak’s regime to renter the political arena.