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  • Monday ,16 December 2013

Military kills ‘takfiris’ in North Sinai


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Monday ,16 December 2013

Military kills ‘takfiris’ in North Sinai

CAIRO: Military forces killed Ahmed Serig, also known as Abu Tartar, on Saturday after he threw a hand grenade at them, military spokesperson Ahmed Ali said on his official Facebook page.

Ali described Abu Tartar as one of the “dangerous takfiris” in North Sinai. Takfiris are hard-line Islamists who accuse other Muslims of apostasy, and the government accuses them of ongoing attacks against security forces in the Sinai.
The military forces said they were searching an area south Sheikh Zuwayed when Abu Tartar threw the grenade. The forces targeted him, resulting in his death.
Another hand grenade was found in Abu Tartar’s possession as the forces searched the body.