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  • Friday ,13 December 2013

Parliamentary Elections or Presidential Elections

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,14 December 2013

Parliamentary Elections or Presidential Elections

There is a great debate nowadays about what should come first, the Parliamentary elections or the Presidential elections. Some believe that the Presidential elections should come first because that will help the country have stability and move forward. But the problem with that suggestion that it is against the road map settled on the 30th of June, which planned the parliament elections to come first. 

The second problem in that suggestion is that to elect your self as a candidate, you need to have approval from two thirds of the Peoples' Assembly Council, or approval from 15 thousand people from at least 15 governorates from the entire country. So in the case that we start with Presidential elections, no one will be able to get approval from two thirds of the Peoples' Assembly. 
The point here is that according to many specialists in law, we could have a big dilemma and an unconstitutional case because starting with Presidential elections is against what was settled in the constitution. 
The second suggestion is to start with Parliamentary elections, but there are many fears. The main fear is that Parliamentary elections could enable the Muslim Brotherhood to return back to the scene again, which also could enable the outlawed group to spoil the road map and all political life again. 
These are not the only problems we will face in the near future. We also have a referendum after 2 weeks that we should vote on. All political forces are now trying to mobilize their efforts and push people to say “ Yes” for the referendum but the question is, what if the result of the voting was “No”? What would the situation be in that case?
Egypt will face many challenges in the coming weeks, and I suggest we become ready for all scenarios we could face. Not being ready for all scenarios means that we failed to achieve the goals of the 30th of June and we need to start from the beginning, and I don’t think Egypt could bear more for that situation.