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  • Friday ,13 December 2013

Awakening of conscience!

Dr. Ahmed Al-Khamisi

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Friday ,13 December 2013

Awakening of conscience!

In his article in Shorouk newspaper on December 7, Dr. Ebrahim Esawy invited supporters of January 25 revolution who supported the “military coup” to awaken their consciousness and stop doing so. They are invited to stop supporting the dictatorship of the military against the democracy and citizenship. Practically, this should lead to the idea that the state of democracy and citizenship is apparently that one of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

He attacked what he called “the authority of June 30”, but he never pointed out to the platform of the Muslim Brotherhood that opposed social justice, freedoms and science. He denounced burning the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood and mourned thousands of Islamists who were killed, arrested or incited against since the ouster of Morsy. Yet, he didn’t mention any of their crimes and violence!
Esawy believes that the road map has deepened the polarization in the Egyptian community and defamation against the Muslim Brotherhood! However, he has never accused the Brotherhood of dividing the community. Such sweeping empathy shown by the writer for the Muslim Brotherhood ascribes the state of citizenship and democracy to the Muslim Brotherhood, which was far from reality.
The writer represents many people who believe that what happened in June 30 was a military coup against a legitimate president. However, King Farouk, Hosni Mubarak, Mussolini and Franco enjoyed the same legitimacy. Furthermore, he forgot about the fact that many poor Egyptians have voted for the Muslim Brotherhood because of their electoral bribes and foodstuffs, or because they didn’t want to vote for Shafiq.
He refused the overthrown of the first elected president, and never cared for millions of Egyptians demonstrating in the streets against his regime. Additionally, he couldn’t see the big difference between what Egypt needed and what the Brotherhood wanted. 
Trying to defend the Muslim Brotherhood all the way, he came to a conclusion that the reconciliation with the Brotherhood should be made ignoring that this group is the most reactionary and violent political organization in Egypt. I think that we should not allow our ambition to make us forget about the past or destroy the future.