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  • Thursday ,12 December 2013

Reservations on the draft constitution




Thursday ,12 December 2013

Reservations on the draft constitution

I have carefully read the draft constitution and I call on people to vote for it although I have some reservations.

The preamble looks more like political charters than a national constitution as it states selective historical narratives more than the priorities and requirements of the current period.
A preamble of a constitution should not include names of specific historical leaders and not to mention the wording which seems journalistic rather than legal. The committee should have consulted non-member legal specialists in the matter.
I believe the format and context of the preamble should be revised except for the last paragraph, which seems to be the best part of it.
The constitution overlooks the historic diplomatic body, the Arab League, to which the head of the committee belongs. I expected an article that regulates its work and restores the diplomatic and consular corps so that the body keeps up with developments in the last few decades.
Article no. 244 relates the state’s commitment to grant youth, Christians and people of special needs a proper representation in the first elected parliament following the constitution.
I am not quite sure why women’s parliamentary representation is skipped despite the strenuous efforts exerted by the Head of the National Council for Women who is a member in the 50-member committee.
Despite the above reservations, the articles of the draft constitution still correlate with the Egyptian reality and represents the goals of the January 25 and June 30 Revolutions.