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  • Wednesday ,11 December 2013

Hegazy’s insult to Heaven




Wednesday ,11 December 2013

Hegazy’s insult to Heaven

Halal (permitted by Islam) and haram (forbidden by Islam) are distinct in accordance to Islamic Sharia laws and jurists’ provisions; that is what we know and what the preachers informed us from the pulpits during Friday prayers.

Halal and haram are distinct in accordance with anything serves Muslim Brotherhood‘s (MB) organization and feeds the youth and MB Guidance Bureau leaders with the group ideology; that is what we now know and what the January 25 revolution taught us.
Before asking me for an explanation of what I previously mentioned, I have a request in advance: activate your memory and recall any action of the Muslim Brotherhood since 25 Jan till now and contemplate it;  Is this action evaluated on a religious base or on a pragmatic one relating to what extent it will benefit the group? If your memory didn’t help you, think of these four incidents – Mohamed Mahmoud, Ithadeya, The White House , Fairmont group-  and revise how what was once haram for the Brotherhood they now say is halal, and vice versa, according to its whims.
At the beginning, MB supporters said confidently that the person who appeared on TV was not their Safwat Hegazy, but a double planted by the “police coup.” They said it was impossible that Sheikh Safwat Hegazy left Rabaa square to flee to Libya, impossible that he was disguised in such an effeminate form, with a goatee and dyed hair .
After the prosecution records showed Hegazy repudiated Morsi and the MB, Brotherhood members said confidently that this was Hegazy’s voice, but that he must have been threatened and tortured by the “coup regime.”
Following Hegazy’s babbling inside the court, raising the four-fingered Rabaa symbol and chanting against Sisi, the MB went out again to say, “Yes, this is Safwat Hegazy the hero! This is the courageous Sheikh Safwat Hegazy in the flesh.”
At the end all this, a sane citizen would ask: Why did the MB deny, at the beginning, Hegazy’s escape, which would have made him a coward, then admit it was him?
By applying the popular relativity theory on MBs’ actions, the situation would be as follows: the MB assured that the person who appeared in the dock is Safwat Hegazy, so MBs are liars and they were trying a month ago to falsify and deny the reality.
As the MB youth said those who  flee from Rabaa’s square is a coward, so Safwat Hegazy is a coward. They refused his statements in which he disowned Morsi and tried to appease the army, saying he was coerced, there are only two ways to explain the sudden courage of Safawt Hegazy: the first is that the security forces torture devices finished or expired, and the second is that the sheikh is still babbling.
Everything is interpretable and justifiable. Maybe Safwat Hegazy admitted that he is coward during the investigations, and he was ready to cooperate with the police to be released and avoid punishment from the Brotherhood. But after security refused his requests which he used to offer before Jan. 25, he appeared again in the dock but chanting for Morsi’s legitimacy.
Can you imagine that MB minds refused to believe the fleeing of Hegazy to Libya;  MB chanted and pleased when they listened to Hegazy saying inside the dock that (I am the hero, I am the stake, I am the God’s light)?
Can you believe that the MB’s brain refused to  see that Hegazy abandoned his support to Morsi, and cheered when Hegazy described himself as the “light of God?” Can you believe that they preferred Morsi to God ? Can you believe that the MB’s mind refused Hegazy’s insult to Morsi and tried to say that he was under duress, while the same mind was not disturbed when Hegazy insulted God?