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  • Tuesday ,10 December 2013

Sufi forces coalition Inaugurates “yes for constitution” campaign


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Tuesday ,10 December 2013

Sufi forces coalition Inaugurates “yes for constitution” campaign

CAIRO: Secretary General of Sufi Forces Coalition Abdallah Nasser said the coalition, along with 66 other Sufi groups, are inaugurating a campaign to encourage people to vote “yes” for the constitution. He said Egyptians must have objective for the roadmap.

Even though they have reservations on some constitution articles, they agree it is 80 percent satisfying, Nasser said. He called to vote “yes” for the constitutional amendments, so that Egyptians can have an elected president and Parliament. Nasser spoke in the press conference organized by revolutionary forces along with Sufi forces Coalition.
“The Constitution has great achievements, the most important are the ones addressing freedoms and rights, not to mention the constitution guaranteeing a republic considered to be expressive for people’s aims,” Nasser said.