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  • Friday ,06 December 2013

Mansour cannot modify the constitution: Salafist Call

By-Almasry Alyoum

Copts and Poliltical Islam


Friday ,06 December 2013

Mansour cannot modify the constitution: Salafist Call

CAIRO:  “The interim president Adly Mansour does not have the right to amend the draft of the constitution,” said the vice chairman of The Salafist Call, Yasser Borhamy, during his lesson in Taqwa Mosque in Alexandria.

“The overall constitutional amendments done by the 50-member committee are satisfactory, and it includes the minimum of our demands,” he added.
“The new constitution prohibits the enactment of laws that violate the Islamic Sharia,” Borhamy said.
“The constitution has been delivered and the committee’s work and duration have been finished. There is no way to manipulate or to change,” he said, and said that the preamble has not been changed.
The Vice Chairman of Salafist Call added that the Salafist Nour Party would announce its stance on the constitution Thursday.