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  • Friday ,06 December 2013

Tamarod launches constitution referendum campaign


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Friday ,06 December 2013

Tamarod launches constitution referendum campaign

Tamarod (Rebel) has launched a campaign calling for Egyptians to vote in the upcoming constitutional referendum.

The 'Yes to participation in the constitution referendum' campaign was approved by Tamarod's political office and its members in the governorates, the group said via Facebook on Thursday.
"This constitution is not the best, but it is better than the 1971 and 2012 constitutions," it added.
The group, which led calls for protests against Mohamed Morsi on 30 June, said it has reservation about articles allowing military trials of civilians, but praised provisions concerning social justice, freedoms and disabled people.
"This constitution secures the rights of workers, farmers, teachers, fishermen and all Egyptians," it said. 
The official body entitled to deliver religious edicts in Egypt, Dar El-Ifta, has denied issuing a fatwa urging people to vote Yes in the referendum. It had merely encouraged Egyptians to participate in the vote, it said in a statement on Wednesday.
Pope Tawadros II, the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church, on Wednesday described the constitution as balanced and urged people to vote in the referendum.