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  • Thursday ,05 December 2013

Yes a thousand times to protest law

Gergis Wahib

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Thursday ,05 December 2013

Yes a thousand times to protest law

Yes a thousand times to protest law despite the relentless campaign against it by some so-called political activists who became a real burden for the Egyptian revolution. 

Some of those activists were used by the Muslim Brotherhood and other international organizations to create some mess in Egypt. Thus, the state should not give them great concern or listen to them. One of those enemies of the revolution is the founder of the April 6 Movement, Eng. Ahmed Maher. Yet, he is so different form many pure young people who joined his movement and resisted the regime of the Muslim Brotherhood and its constitution suffering a lot for that.
Mr. Alaa Abdul Fatah also is one of the people who opposed the revolution and confronted the protest law for nothing but to be under the spot. In fact, he struggled to get himself arrested and declared he won’t abide by the constitution even if it’s perfect!
Those names and others who are called political activists have sadly became enemies of the revolution of June 30. This happened as the revolution brought another group under the spot, which drove them crazy and made them confront the protest law to regain some of their old glory that they got after the revolution of January 25.
Protest laws are found all over the world aiming to organize the procedure. However, many of our demonstrations are far from being peaceful like those organized by the Muslim Brotherhood, in which many people carry weapons, about 82 churches were burned, public and private properties were demolished including facilities of our public universities. Those unpeaceful demonstrators did their best to make Egypt appear full of chaos and destruction.
I don’t think there is a patriot Egyptian who refuse the protest law at the moment as the state is on the verge of economic breakdown. We are in bad need to restore tourism industry and create job opportunities. The weekly demonstrations of the Muslim Brotherhood threaten our churches. In fact, we are in bad need to this law. All patriots and supporters of the revolution of June 30 have to move and support such bold decisions and laws in order to save the country. Yes a thousand times to protest law. It’s now or never.