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  • Thursday ,05 December 2013

Badawy: Sabbahi running for president is a mistake


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Thursday ,05 December 2013

Badawy: Sabbahi running for president is a mistake
CAIRO: President of the Wafd Party Sayed el-Badawy said Tuesday that the founder of the Egyptian Popular Current Hamdeen Sabbahi made a mistake by declaring running for president, pointing out that Sabbahi was under the pressure of the members of Egyptian Popular Current to participate in the elections.
Interviewed by Wael al-Ibrashi on Dream2 TV channel, Badawy added that Sabbahi would not run for president in case General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi would decide to run as well.
The National Salvation Front will not determine any candidates for the presidential elections before the announcement of all candidates and will reconcile on one candidate, he added.