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  • Wednesday ,03 February 2010

Do not be Mislead


Short But Not Sweet


Wednesday ,03 February 2010

Do not be Mislead
That is misleading.To walk in the streets of Cairo,like the Swedish Embassador is doing,is No reflection on real life.The reality is Christians are Completely banned from joining Amn El Dawla,top Police and Army jobs,Deans of Universities anywhere in Egypt.In addition,mosques are Very Easily built without Any problems.Churches however need endless permits from the Wahabi Egyptian Police and Amn El Dawla (intellegence) service.Some of the Churches are in the process of application for more than thirty five years.Yes,thirty five years!! What kind of Human Rights equity are you guys talking about?!! If you believe President Mubarak and his ministers you believe anything!! For God\'s sake have an analytical mind