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McClanahan: Cairo embassy statement fair game

Others | 21 September 2012
“The Embassy of the United States condemns hurting the religious feelings of Muslims".. More

Egyptian women battle harassment on the streets

Others | 21 September 2012
The monitoring revealed that, as sexual harassment incidents rise, outward signs of religiosity and religious extremism are also growing in Egyptian society... More

Egypt reopens ancient site

Others | 21 September 2012
The Serapeum of Saqqara, an ancient Egyptian site has reopened after 10 years of renovation work... More

Missouri Rep. Akin calls for suspension of aid to Egypt

Others | 21 September 2012
Missouri Rep. Todd Akin said Thursday that the U.S. should suspend aid to Egypt.. More

Judge denies request to stop anti-Muslim film clip

Others | 21 September 2012
A judge Thursday refused to order YouTube to take down the film trailer that has inflamed the Muslim world.. More

AUC students close university gates for second time in protest at rising fees

Others | 20 September 2012
The gates of the American University in Cairo (AUC) were shut for a second time in a week early Thursday by a number of students protesting rising tuition fees. .. More

Egypt appoints new intelligence chief

Others | 20 September 2012
Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi on Wednesday appointed as the country’s new intelligence chief.. More

Temporary spending bill permits Egypt aid to flow

Others | 20 September 2012
Lawmakers are moving to permit billions of dollars in U.S. foreign aid.. More

Egyptians refuse to be erased

Others | 20 September 2012
"You erased the picture of the one who died in Port Said before bringing justice for every martyr".. More

French schools in Egypt to close Thursday over cartoons

Others | 20 September 2012
French schools and cultural centres in Egypt will close on Thursday as a precautionary measure .. More

Report: Shafiq accused of giving electoral bribes

Others | 20 September 2012
Police are following up on a complaint accusing former presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq of giving electoral bribes.. More

No problem between Iran and Egypt, Morsi tells Salehi

Others | 19 September 2012
Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi held talks with Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in Cairo on Tuesday.. More

Mubarak-era People’s Assembly official referred to trial

Others | 19 September 2012
The Illicit Gains Authority referred former People’s Assembly Secretary General Sami Mahran to criminal trial.. More

Five Nile University students released

Others | 19 September 2012
The District Attorney in the Abdeen neighborhood of Cairo ordered Tuesday the release of five Nile University students .. More

NYT Cairo Reporter Apologizes for Free Speech: U.S 'Feels Limited...From Silencing Even the Most Noxious Religious Bigot'

Others | 19 September 2012
“We never insult any prophet -- not Moses, not Jesus -- so why can’t we demand that Muhammad be respected?” .. More

Nile University president resigns to protest police crackdown on peaceful protest

Others | 18 September 2012
Presidentof the Nile University (NU) Tarek Khalel resigns in protest of the violent attack by Egypt's Central Security forces.. More

Israel’s Airline Eliminating Flights to Cairo

Others | 18 September 2012
Citing mounting security and operational expenses, Israel’s El Al Airlines plans to stop its weekly flights to Cairo... More

Haniyeh, Mashaal arrive in Cairo for talks with Egypt officials

Others | 18 September 2012
Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and Hamas chief-in-exile Khaled Mashaal arrived in Cairo on Monday for talks with Egyptian officials.. More

Witness: U.S. ambassador was breathing when found after Benghazi attack

Others | 18 September 2012
U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens was still breathing when Libyans stumbled across him.. More

Syrian refugees in Egypt: Escaping war, meeting hardship

Others | 18 September 2012
According to the UN refugees agency, not less than a quarter of a million Syrians have fled the country .. More

Egypt: Sinai militants clash with army, police

Others | 17 September 2012
Islamic militants clashed for more than two hours Sunday with army and police in the Sinai Peninsula, wounding seven people in fighting touched off by a security dragnet, Egyptian officials said... More