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Short But Not Sweet

Let's Protest Against Protests!

Coptsunited | 18 September 2012
It is often the people who are optimistic enough to think they can make a difference that do make a difference. .. More

Democracy? Sorry, Not Today

Coptsunited | 13 September 2012
People, wake up! This is what a democracy is, freedom of the people! .. More

Contradictory Explanations!

Mena Habeeb | 7 September 2012
I wonder how come the same thing can have two contradictory meanings; IMF loan was said to be haram for the former government, and now it's totally acceptable for the current Islamic government... More

The Muslim Brotherhood; A Shiny New Dictatorship

Coptsunited | 5 September 2012
The Muslim Brotherhood wants to dominate all of Egypt.. More

Private property

Mena Habeeb | 22 August 2012
While many people and organizations call for another revolution against the ruling of Muslim Brotherhood on August 24, fanatics are getting ready to defend their imminent religious state in Egypt by weapons to kill the revolutionists. .. More

Few People

Mena Habeeb | 6 August 2012
Morsy said in his speech yesterday about his opponents: “I won’t allow few people to hinder the procession of democracy or stability”. I need to know if 48.3% of the voters who voted for Shafik,.. More

New way to celebrate Ramadan!

Mena Habeeb | 31 July 2012
I have got used to hear about a Coptic man who is being attacked by Islamists, or a Coptic minor girl who is being kidnapped, etc. What’s interesting now is since the beginning of the holy month of Ramada, police refuse to arrest many of those criminals. I hope it’s not their new way to celebrate the holy month. .. More


Mena Habeeb | 23 July 2012
In Egypt , we have many security issues, power shortage, and tons of other problems. However we were waiting for the elected president to restore security and solve our problems,.. More

The next step

Mena Habeeb | 12 July 2012
Yesterday, I heard a woman who belongs to Muslim Brotherhood commenting about the Supreme Constitutional Court decision to suspend the reinstatement of the People’s Assembly. She said: If Morsi were Mubarak, they wouldn’t do that for him. .. More

President and supreme judge

Mena Habeeb | 9 July 2012
I’m pretty sure that never in his wildest dreams did he think he would live in the presidential palace. Talking about dreams, Mursy has forgotten that he is only president.. More

Sectarian basis

Mena Habeeb | 5 July 2012
Egyptian newspaper said today that ultra-conservative al-Nour party refuses to appoint a Christian Vice-President, as this will open the door before appointing people on sectarian basis. I wonder: If they really mean that, why don’t they dissolve their party as it is based on sectarian basis?.. More

Headquarters of the terrorists

Mena Habeeb | 2 July 2012
Yesterday, a congregation of the Coptic Church has visited the headquarters of FJP in Suez to congratulate them for taking the presidential office. Later, at the same day and city, a group of Islamists assassinated a Muslim young man at a bus stop as he was walking with her fiancé “alone”! .. More

A caliph recipe

Mena Habeeb | 28 June 2012
After a series of failures in the parliament, as well as drafting the new constitution and much more, Mursy has won the presidency, and MB is now in power. .. More

Hard Times

Magdy Malak | 11 June 2012
No one can deny that Egypt is passing by hard times, and no one knows what the result will be from the chaos we have right now. One thing we are sure of however, is that we will be starting from the beginning again... More

The lesson

Mena Habeeb | 4 June 2012
After Mubarak had been sentenced to life imprisonment and lost all his medals, I think everyone should learn a lesson from him especially.. More


Magdy Malak | 28 May 2012
We are now facing a huge dilemma in choosing between a religious state lead by Musri, and a military state lead by Shafiq. After the Muslim Brotherhood promised.. More


Mena Habeeb | 21 May 2012
Almasry Alyoum newspaper has published today a statement for a martyr’s mother whose son has died in Mohammed Mahmoud incidents. She said that if a remnant of the previous regime wins .. More

War or political process

Magdy Malak | 18 May 2012
What we see now in the presidential elections can be nothing except war. Muslims wants it to be war against Liberal. Muslims .. More


Mena Habeeb | 14 May 2012
Newspapers published that Abu Ismail has asked his supporters during his sermon in a mosque to vote for him in a separate paper to avoid annulling their voices. The man doesn’t understand he is out of the presidential race yet! .. More

By Force

Magdy Malak | 9 May 2012
It seems that Abu Ismail wants to be president of Egypt by force, although he stills denies everything. He says that he had nothing to do with what.. More

New generation of Glove puppet

Mena Habeeb | 4 May 2012
Two days ago in an electoral conference of Mohammed Mursi, MB candidate for presidency, something really weird happened: The General Guide exempted Mursi from the full obedience rule .. More