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Egypt's cotton industry needs shake-up

Others | 20 December 2009
EGYPT'S once-famous cotton industry risks a slow death with- out State investment to reverse decades of neglect, boost quality and encourage farmers to keep growing the crop.Analysts say the textiles sector has been overlooked amid a wave of other reforms... More

Egypt court releases 9 Muslim Brotherhoods

Others | 20 December 2009
The Egyptian authorities released on Wednesday nine members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition movement after completing jail sentences handed down by a military court in 2008.. More

MobiNil mulls France Telecom acquisition offer

Others | 20 December 2009
Officials of local mobile-phone firm MobiNil met Wednesday to discuss an offer by partner.. More

Egypt cancels North Sinai cement licence

Others | 17 December 2009
The head of Egypt's Industrial Development Authority Amr Assal reported Tuesday that Egypt has cancelled the licence of North Sinai Cement over start-up delays, one of four company licences that were under review.. More

Swine flu death toll at 56

Others | 17 December 2009
The death toll of the contagious swine flu virus rose to 56, as the Health Ministry confirmed four more cases late on Sunday. "The death toll from the A/H1N1, known publicly as swine flu, has risen .. More

Court revokes niqab ban

Others | 16 December 2009
An Egyptian administrative court has allowed a female student wearing the niqab (full-face veil) to stay in the dormitory of Ain Shams University, .. More

Three missing after Gaza tunnel collapses

Others | 16 December 2009
Egypt's security sources reported on Tuesday that three Palestinians are missing after a tunnel collapsed along the Egypt-Gaza border on Monday night.. More

Expatriate Copts accuse Muslim scholar of blasphemy

Others | 15 December 2009
Officials submitted a report from the Egyptian Union of Human Rights to state security and called for an investigation into Islamic thinker Mohamed Omara, accusing him of encouraging division between Christians and Muslims.. More

Political,technical consultations between Egypt and Europe

Dr. Naguib Gibraeel | 15 December 2009
The Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry stated that an Egyptian delegation involving Assistant Minister for African Affairs and Director of Sudan Department, Secretary General of the EFTCA and the Secretary .. More

Egypt 91-day T-bills average yield down to 9.841 pct

Others | 14 December 2009
The average yield on Egyptian 91-day treasury bills dipped to 9.841 percent at an auction on Monday, compared with 10.073 percent at last week's auction... More

Pro-govt candidate reelected head of journos syndicate

Others | 14 December 2009
Supporters of the two candidates Makram Mohamed Ahmed and Diaa Rashwan go to ballot boxes in the... Government-backed incumbent Makram Mohamed Ahmed was reelected head of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate Sunday after beating independent .. More

Mubarak in Paris tomorrow

Others | 13 December 2009
PRESIDENT Hosni Mubarak, heading a high-level min- isterial delegation, visits Paris tomorrow to hold talks with French President Nicolas Sarkozy on the stalled Middle East peace-making process, Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit said yesterday... More

MPs accuse Egypt govt of increasing medicine prices

Others | 13 December 2009
Members of the health committee of the People's Assembly accused the Egyptian government of driving up the price of medication by changing tariffs.. More

Egypt denies building iron wall on Gaza border

Others | 13 December 2009
Egypt denied building an anti-smuggling underground iron wall on its border with the Gaza Strip, according to Egypt's local Al-Shorouk daily .. More

Urgent call to curb violence against women

Others | 10 December 2009
"Really, I'm only 18. I only look much older because I've suffered so much. I got married without realising that there would be a lot of pain in store for me. My husband was very cruel... More

Israel to build wall on Egypt border

Others | 10 December 2009
TEL Aviv -Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to build a wall on the border with Egypt to prevent African migrants from changing Israel's racial balance,Israeli media reported yesterday... More

Death toll of A/H1N1 flu reaches 31 in Egypt

Others | 9 December 2009
Egypt reported two more death cases of A/H1N1 flu on Sunday, bringing the Egyptian death toll to 31, Egypt's MENA news agency said .. More

Challenger forces run-off vote in journos syndicate election

Others | 9 December 2009
A pundit known for opposing the transfer of power from President Hosni Mubarak to his son, Gamal, managed Sunday to force a run-off vote in elections for head of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate after coming in a close second behind government-backed incumbent Makram Mohamed Ahmed... More

UNESCO chief launches 'message of respect'here Ihab Shaarawy

Others | 8 December 2009
EGYPT can play a key role in sup- porting dialogue among cultures and civilisations due to the respect commands from the Arab and Islamic world, said Director General of the United Nations Education.. More

Egypt policeman dies in fishing permit shootout

Others | 8 December 2009
The Egyptian security sources reported on Sunday that Egypt's police colonel was shot dead and another officer wounded in a shootout between security forces and fishermen in Cairo during a licensing crackdown.. More

Egypt MB search for new leader continues

Others | 7 December 2009
A senior leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood denied that the group has invited Islamic leaders from abroad to take control as Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood's Supreme Guide.. More