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Egypt Still Waiting for Financial Aid Despite Multiple Promises

Others | 21 August 2012
Numerous rich countries have vowed to help Egypt via grants, loans, deposits and investments, but they can be divided into two categories – oral and actual .. More

Egypt to Employ Aircraft, Tanks Against Sinai Terrorists

Others | 21 August 2012
Egypt is preparing to use aircraft and tanks in Sinai for the first time since the 1973 war with Israel in its offensive against terrorists in the border area, security sources said on Monday. .. More

Bomb Hits Car of Egyptian Diplomat in Libya

Others | 21 August 2012
A bomb exploded under the car of an Egyptian diplomat in Libya's second city Benghazi on Monday without causing any injuries, a security source in the city told AFP. .. More

Egypt's Defense Minister Vows to Uproot Militants

Others | 21 August 2012
Egypt's new defense minister is vowing to crack down on militants in the largely lawless Sinai Peninsula, offering to pay Bedouins to collect weapons. .. More

Egypt's New President Moves Against Democracy

Others | 21 August 2012
Egypt's "full transition to civilian rule," long sought by the Obama administration, has finally come to fruition. But it is neither liberal nor democratic. .. More

Egyptian President to Visit Iran

Others | 20 August 2012
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy will visit Iran to take part in the Non-Aligned Movement summit at the end of August, a presidential adviser said... More

Egypt’s Zamalek says Ultras Retract Threats to Attend Mazembe Clash, Supporters Deny

Others | 20 August 2012
Zamalek hardcore fans, the Ultras White Knights (UWK), have retracted a decision to forcibly attend Sunday night’s match in the military stadium against DR Congo’s TP Mazembe.. More

Mursi Accused of Media Crackdown

Others | 20 August 2012
A media crackdown in the first month of Mohamed Mursi's rule has raised fears Egypt's Islamist president is moving to stifle criticism of the Muslim Brotherhood... More

Time For the Brotherhood to Deliver

Others | 20 August 2012
Egypt, and the world, seem to have underestimated Mohamed Morsi, the Islamist who in June’s historic vote became the country’s first democratically elected president. He was not, after all, the first choice of even his own party.. More

What Does the Egyptian Chief of Staff Think?

Others | 20 August 2012
Sobhy, who opposes Al-Qaida and prefers the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority over Hamas, claims that Islam and democracy do not necessarily contradict each other, but not the Western, secular model of democracy. .. More

Journalists continue protest against chief editors

Others | 17 August 2012
Several journalists continued their sit-in for the seventh consecutive day on Wednesday, protesting the recent appointment of new chief editors of state-owned newspapers by the Shura Council... More

Egypt's High Court magistrates condemn justice minister's criticism of legal verdicts

Others | 17 August 2012
The general assembly of Egypt's High Constitutional Court (HCC) released a statement on Wednesday criticising claims by Justice Minister Ahmed Mekki that the court’s recent verdicts had been "politically motivated.".. More

Nile City Towers 'assailants' were unarmed: Egyptian NGO

Others | 17 August 2012
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR), a local NGO, has issued a report on the 2 August clashes that took place between residents of Cairo's Boulaq El-Ramlah district and security guards at the Nile City Towers, which eventually escalated into clashes between police and residents that led to the death of one of the latter... More

Mubarak to stay in prison hospital, says public prosecutor

Others | 17 August 2012
Public prosecutor Abdel Meguid Mahmoud on Wednesday ordered former President Hosni Mubarak to stay in Tora Prison hospital... More

TV presenter Okasha to face charges of inciting violence against Egypt's Morsi

Others | 17 August 2012
Tawfiq Okasha, a conservative television presenter on Egypt's Faraeen satellite channel, was referred to a criminal court on Monday, where he will face charges of inciting violence against Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi during a recent episode of his 'Egypt Today' talk show... More

Prominent Egypt's SCAF member El-Roweiny resigns

Others | 16 August 2012
Major General Hassan El-Roweiny formally resigned from Egypt's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) late Tuesday, in the wake of sweeping governmental and military reshuffles made days earlier by President Mohamed Morsi. .. More

Egypt and World Bank sign US$200 million loan aimed at creating quarter million jobs

Others | 16 August 2012
Egyptian Cabinet ministers and World Bank officials have signed off on a US$200 million project aimed at creating 250,000 jobs after more than a year of slow economic growth. .. More

Egypt's unemployment rate hits record high in second quarter

Others | 16 August 2012
The national unemployment rate rose to 12.6 per cent in the second quarter of 2012 up from 11.8 per cent for the same quarter last year, Egypt's official statistics agency CAPMAS reported on Tuesday... More

Sheikh Zuwayed power station in Sinai attacked

Others | 16 August 2012
Gunmen reportedly attacked the Sheikh Zuwayed power station in North Sinai on Tuesday, tried to kidnap two employees and exchanged fire with the armed forces before they fled the scene. .. More

Morsy asks Defense Minister to consider army pay raise

Others | 16 August 2012
President Mohamed Morsy asked Defense Minister Abdel Fatah al-Sisi to explore raising the wages of armed forces personnel and officers, a source within the presidential office told state-run MENA news agency Tuesday... More

Power cuts continue nationwide as public anger mounts

Others | 15 August 2012
Power cuts continued across governorates Monday, with little sign of swift solutions in the making. Facing mounting pressure, the Electricity Ministry issued orders to increase the load on the grid, a ministry source said. But he added that this would lead to a total blackout in the national power network if a breakdown takes place... More