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Copts and Poliltical Islam

Can Football Unite Muslims and Christians in Egypt?

Others | 17 August 2012
For a country with many societal divides, sports – particularly football – can strengthen social cohesion and national identity... More

Egypt's Al-Azhar Condemns Cleric Speaking in its Name

Others | 17 August 2012
"The religion Islam prohibits bloodshed and making damages to their properties and honour.".. More

Egypt to Try Anti-Morsi Talk Show Host in September

Others | 17 August 2012
Egyptian talk show host Tawfiq Okasha will face trial on September 1 on charges of calling for the murder of President Mohamed Morsi.. More

Islamic Militants Warn Egypt Army on Sinai Raids

Others | 17 August 2012
Islamic militants in the Sinai Peninsula warned the Egyptian military on Wednesday against cracking down on jihadis.. More

Egypt's President; Brothers in Charge

Others | 17 August 2012
The army has been effectively sidelined by Muhammad Morsi.. More

Brotherhood considers mass demo Friday in support of Morsy

Others | 16 August 2012
The Muslim Brotherhood is considering participating in a demonstration Friday in support of President Mohamed Morsy. The group’s Guidance Bureau would make the final decision on Wednesday. .. More

Egypt Court sentences 14 Islamists to death over Sinai 2011 attacks

Others | 16 August 2012
Ismailiya Criminal Court has sentenced to death on Tuesday 14 Islamists belonging to the Al-Tawhid we Al-Jihad organisation convicted of killing 5 police and military officers and one civilian during several attacks in June-July 2011 on an Al-Arish city police station and a Bank of Alexandria branch in northern Sinai... More

Egypt Begins Descent Into Tyranny

Others | 16 August 2012
The Brotherhood has already used its parliamentary position to name dozens of new editors for Egypt's major state-owned newspapers, including Al-Ahram. Akhbar Al-Youm, the second-largest newspaper in Egypt, will be run by a descendant of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Bana. .. More

Morsi: Time for Assad to Go

Others | 16 August 2012
"It is time for the Syrian regime to leave." .. More

Clampdown on Egypt’s Media Raises Fears

| 16 August 2012
Human rights groups in Egypt have condemned a recent clampdown on media critical of the ruling Muslim Brotherhood.. More

Journalists Protest Perceived MB Influence

Others | 15 August 2012
Approximately 100 journalists held a demonstration at the Institute of Leaders’ Preparation, a government center in Greater Cairo.. More

Mohamed Morsi is Changing the Balance of Power in Egypt

Others | 15 August 2012
While Syria's civil war dominates the world's attention, less dramatic and telegenic events in Egypt retain the power to decide if popular uprisings will succeed in establishing a democratic alternative to tyranny in the Arab world. .. More

Egypt Opens Border with Gaza Ahead of Major Muslim Holiday, says Palestinian Official

Others | 15 August 2012
Egypt on Tuesday opened its border with Hamas-ruled Gaza for a three-day period ahead of a major Muslim holiday this weekend, but imposed tight restrictions .. More

Egyptian Court Sentences 14 Militants to Death for Deadly 2006 Attacks on Police in Sinai

Others | 15 August 2012
An Egyptian court has sentenced 14 members of a militant Islamic group to death for attacks six years ago in the Sinai Peninsula. .. More

Middle East Tensions Rising, is a Larger War Looming?

Others | 15 August 2012
Yesterday I told you about Israeli media reports that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already made the decision to strike Iran's nuclear facilities within the next few weeks. Iran has now responded to those reports. .. More

Brotherhood leaders laud decision to retire SCAF heads

Others | 14 August 2012
Muslim Brotherhood leaders reacted positively to President Mohamed Morsy’s Sunday decision to send Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi and Chief of Staff Sami Anan to retirement and abolish the supplement to the Constitutional Declaration... More

U.S. Ignores Abuse of Christian Women in Egypt

Others | 14 August 2012
Coptic Christian women are routinely victimized and forcibly converted by Muslims in Egypt, Miss Ghaly says... More

Egypt Celebrates first Ramadan Under Muslim Brotherhood

Others | 14 August 2012
In Egypt, this year marks the first Ramadan under the Muslim Brotherhood .. More

As Muslim Brotherhood Solidifies its Grip on Egypt, Trouble Brews Within

Others | 14 August 2012
The secular unrest in Egypt is growing, as are calls for another revolution – this time against the Islamic movement.. More

Salafists Abandon Germany for Egypt

Others | 14 August 2012
But in recent weeks German authorities have been observing a new destination for Islamists leaving Germany: Egypt. .. More

Coptic Group Postpones Protest after Some Christians Return to Dahshour

Others | 13 August 2012
The Maspero Youth Union decided Saturday to postpone plans for a march for the following day to protest assaults on Copts in Dahshour village.. More