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Civilized Majority and Underdeveloped One

Monir Beshai | 17 August 2012
Civil rights of Coptic Christians shouldn't be linked to their beliefs which is their own business... More

Copts are peacemakers

Father Luke Radi | 16 August 2012
A friend called me asking about what happened In Mercy mosque in Manfalout, Assiut. I felt worried as I know very well the history of violence and terrorism in this city during the 90s. Furthermore, this phone call was after the attacks in Dahshur in which many Coptic families suffered from forced displacement under the auspices of the authorities and the supervision of the police. .. More

They were gone before their martyrdom

D. Aida Nassif | 15 August 2012
Egypt has suffered recently from various accidents and serious attacks, ended up with that attack against our soldiers in Sinai, but I believe our soldiers were already gone by the time they were attacked and martyred! I mean: they were gone since the attack of the Church of al-Marinab. Moreover, they were gone while the fire of the fanatics was eating the Church of Empapa as well as the gas pipelines in Al-Arish with no action taken... More

Copts are Peacemakers

| 15 August 2012
"Christians have brought water from the next church so that Muslims may pray. .. More

Dahshur is not the end

Dr. Raafat Fahim Gendy | 14 August 2012
Last November, after the massacre of Maspero, I joined Mr. Hanna Hanna and Mr. Medhat Aweidah to meet with Gillian Keelty, Senior Advisor of Anti-ethnic cleansing office under the Secretary-General of the United Nations in New York City. During the meeting, which lasted for 90 minutes, we made a presentation and gave her a file prepared by the lawyer Hanna Hanna about the practices of the Egyptian government and the massacres and prosecution they suffer from since the era of Sadat till Maspero massacre. .. More

Politics and Democracy Under MB

J.M Fahmy | 13 August 2012
We saw few days after the revolution while an officer was trying to do his job in the traffic jam was assaulted viciously by the SON of AN EXPECTED TO BE MP!! .. More


Dr.Architetto Ashraf Ramelah | 10 August 2012
Once again Copts have been forced to leave their homes after Muslim mobs loot and set them ablaze, this time in the village of Dahshor, 20 miles south of Cairo. This incident began on Wednesday (July 25) with a singed shirt mistakenly scorched by a Coptic laundry presser who was preparing the garment. This commonplace slip-up spurred the fury of a three-day rampage headed by the enraged customer after finding his shirt ruined. When the business owner, who was also the presser of the laundry establishment, accidently burned a shirt belonging to a Muslim customer, a heated argument between the two men ensued over the damages. This soon escalated into a physical fight -- after which the mad customer left the store... More

Stop Lying, it is Forced Displacement!

Rami Kamel | 9 August 2012
Yasser Ali, the official spokesman of the presidential office, announced that the Copts of Dahshur have not suffered from forced displacement, and they have chosen to leave the village willingly.. More

Dividing Egypt has Started

Sobhi Foad | 8 August 2012
It was clear after Mubarak had stepped down that there are internal and external forces that support the Islamists.. More

Devil’s hurricane and SCAF

Michel Fahmy | 7 August 2012
Today, Egypt’s facing an unprecedented phase in its modern history and is governed by a very different kind of rulers. However, it’s so weird to have a president that belongs to Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, Dr. Mohammed Morsy is very unique and should be given the title “the first” in many things. He is the first elected president for Egypt who belongs to MB, and the first president.. More

God in Our Life II

J.M Fahmy | 6 August 2012
Last week in my first part I tried to explain the difference between faith or being faithful to God and your religion and depending on God in our live and passivity or being passive in your life awaiting God's hand to move matters, my feeling was and still I want to be firm I reject being manipulated by others and reject the solution of migrating or leaving my country forced. .. More

Forced Displacement of the Copts?

Gergis Wahib | 3 August 2012
Yesterday, there was another attempt to break into a church, after demolishing the church of Atfih, burning the church of Embaba.. More

MB and Egyptian identity

D. Aida Nassif | 2 August 2012
Nowadays, people in Egypt are worried about the life of a young man more than the future of all Egyptians; I mean death of the young man of Dahshur, and the constitution that MB is trying to use to blur the Egyptian identity. Actually, I was hoping that several demonstrations are going to be held to support a civil state in Egypt. .. More

MB kingdom is to come!

Gergis Wahib | 1 August 2012
President Mohammed Morsy will never work away from Muslim Brotherhood after it had brought him to the presidential office. MB had a project since its very beginning. It's not true that MB will separate from Morsy, or Morsy from MB. Moreover, I believe that all his real advisers and assistances will be MB members. Moreover, he wouldn't take any important decision without consulting the Guidance Bureau of MB. .. More

After Omar Suleiman had gone

Asasi Abdul Hamid | 31 July 2012
Eight years have passed since the Palestinian President Yasser Arafat has died or has been killed. However nowadays, his death is being investigated as well as his clothes to find out if this great leader was assassinated or not. .. More

God in our Life...

J.M Fahmy | 30 July 2012
Lot of people specially Christians in Egypt who are not happy of the political view in Egypt, did not accept the results of the elections -real or fake- and keep praying for Egypt awaiting for the Holly Ghost to come remove the MB from Egypt! .. More

The Ghost of Mubarak

Monir Beshai | 27 July 2012
People make and choose their rulers, thus, they deserve them. This applies whether such ruler was elected or came by force. Such people has given him the chance to rule them. .. More

King of Hearts

Madonna Shaker | 26 July 2012
king of hearts was the title given to Sir Magdy Yacoub by Diana, Princess of Wales, for his miracles in heart transplantation, and for his researches and experiments over many years in order to develop heart transplantation and save millions of hearts in a very unique way. .. More

The best of MB

Michel Fahmy | 25 July 2012
July is a significant month in the Egyptian history since 1952 till today. During this month, Egypt has experienced many important events and incidents. Today, a member of Muslim Brotherhood, that had many disagreements with the revolution of July 23 through conspiracies and assassinations, governs Egypt. Few weeks ago, Morsy gave a speech in which he attacked Nasser and the revolution of the army however MB can't repeat any of its achievements. .. More

Religious trend and torture

Osama Osman | 24 July 2012
I do not think there is a sane person who believes that any religion may permit its followers to torture animals or human being. However, Do Islamists believe the same? They should do as long as they claim they are religious and they have already suffered a lot from it by the former regime. The truth is they only refuse it when it is against them, but they are allowed to torture the others if they need to! .. More

General Omar Soleiman R.I.P

J.M Fahmy | 23 July 2012
Last week I wrote Lament for the death of Fekry Abd Moutaleb a great researcher and writer we lost … Today I found myself having to Lament the Gereral Omar Soleiman who died on 19th of July in the States in suspicions circumstances, and it was said he was poisoned and his death is part a conspiracy. .. More