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Copts and Poliltical Islam

Sectarian clashes in Dahshur add a new chapter to an ongoing crisis

Others | 8 August 2012
After five days of sectarian violence, 12 armored vehicles besiege a street no wider than 300 meters and no longer than 600 meters. Mar Girgis Church — the only church in the village of Dahshur, Giza — stands on that street. .. More

Heightened security at Brotherhood headquarters after shooting

Others | 8 August 2012
Security has been tightened around the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Cairo after a shooting that took place there on Sunday evening, said Interior Minister Ahmed Gamal Eddin. .. More

Egypt Must Tackle its Sectarian Problems Head On

Others | 8 August 2012
Egypt has a chronic sectarian problem, and the main obstacle to addressing it is official and popular denial that it has one... More

Clashes leave Dahshur with no Christians, angry Muslims, and an impotent police

Others | 7 August 2012
Dahshour, a once quiet village in Giza, is now a busy, tense and angry place bustling with police and security personnel. Central Security and National Security forces are deployed at the entrances to the village and in front of the church there, while also guarding the already trashed and looted houses of Copts who fled their homes Wednesday when a fight that erupted between a Christian and a Muslim led to wider clashes and the death of one Muslim and the injury of a dozen people. .. More

Dozens of Copts protest Dahshour evictions

Others | 7 August 2012
On Sunday evening, dozens of Copts protested in front of the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis, Cairo, against the forced migration of Christians in Dahshur, Giza. .. More

Nine arrested for involvement in Dahshur incidents

Others | 7 August 2012
Security services in Giza arrested nine persons accused of burning and stealing from Coptic residents’ homes in Dahshur, in the aftermath of a fight between a Muslim man and Coptic man which led to killing of one person, the burning of houses and the displacement of some Coptic families. .. More

Muslim Brotherhood recognizes Libyan counterpart

Others | 7 August 2012
Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt said that recognizing the Libyan Brotherhood has been an occasion long awaited by the group, especially since they were separated by former Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi. .. More

Egypt accepts World Bank loan criticized by Salafis

Others | 7 August 2012
The World Bank has agreed to give Egypt a loan of US$200 million to fund the upgrade of sanitation and sewage infrastructure in four governorates in the Nile Delta and Upper Egypt, an official said on Wednesday. .. More

Nour Party to form national alliance to monitor Cabinet’s performance

Others | 6 August 2012
The Nour Party is forming a political alliance to monitor the performance of Prime Minister Hesham Qandil’s new Cabinet, according to party members. .. More

Abu Ismail to announce new political party by the end of Ramadan

Others | 6 August 2012
A spokesperson for the disqualified presidential hopeful Hazem Salah Abu Ismail said Saturday that the conservative preacher plans to launch a political party in the coming weeks. .. More

Rights groups seek peace after sectarian clashes in Egyptian village

Others | 6 August 2012
A delegation of a number of activists and Coptic Christian representatives are set to visit the town of Dahshur, Egypt on Sunday following sectarian clashes that took place last week... More

Copts unhappy over smaller cabinet presence

| 6 August 2012
The interim head of Egypt's Coptic church has expressed unhappiness over the composition of the country's new Cabinet, with only one Copt given a minor portfolio, reports said on Saturday. .. More

Human Rights Council: Impunity is a reason for Dahshur violence

Others | 6 August 2012
The National Council for Human Rights said Saturday that it has sent a fact-finding mission to Dahshur to investigate the recent sectarian strife that took place. .. More

Following sectarian clashes in Giza, demonstrators protest 'forced migration of Copts'

Others | 3 August 2012
Hundreds of demonstrators on Wednesday evening converged on Egypt's PresidentialPalacein Cairo's Heliopolis district to protest sectarian clashes that took placein the town of Dahshur, Giza, south of the capital, earlier the same day. .. More

Copts protest Dahshur clashes in front of presidential palace

Others | 3 August 2012
Dozens of Coptic activists and Coptic residents of Dahshur village demonstrated in front of the presidential palace in Cairo Wednesday, calling on the government to halt sectarian strife. .. More

Nour Party boycotts new government

Others | 3 August 2012
The Salafi-oriented Nour Party said it had rejected an appointment in President Mohamed Morsy's new government. .. More

Egyptian Activists to Protest Killing of Myanmar Muslims

Others | 3 August 2012
Jama’a al-Islamiya’s Construction and Development Party is issuing a call to protest outside the Myanmar Embassy in Zamalek Friday to highlight the plight of minority Muslims in that country... More

Court Orders Detention of Coptic Man Accused of Defaming Islam

Others | 3 August 2012
A court in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Sohag on Wednesday has renewed for 15 days the detention of a Coptic man accused of defaming Islam and insulting the Prophet Mohamed... More

The Virgin, the Copts and Us: Film shatters stereotypes with ingenuity

Others | 2 August 2012
Following its award-winning spree at the Third Doha Tribeca Film Festival, the 2012 Berlinale and the 15th Ismailia International Film Festival, Namir Abdel Messeeh took his debut feature documentary “The Virgin, the Copts and Me” on a round of public screenings in Egypt in July... More

Egypt’s charity banquets reshaped by Islamists’ rise

Others | 2 August 2012
Leaving his family behind in the southern Egyptian city of Minya, Khalifa Ahmad used to have his iftar in the month of Ramadan .. More

16 wounded in sectarian clashes outside Cairo

Others | 2 August 2012
Angry Muslims attacked a church and Christian homes outside Cairo on Wednesday, sparking clashes that wounded 16 people.. More