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Egyptian president Morsi confronts a Palestine-Sinai-Israel dilemma

Others | 8 August 2012
President Mohamed Morsi has announced an official state of mourning over the killing of Egyptian border guards in the midst of an attempted militant attack on Israeli targets on Sunday evening near the Gaza-Rafah border... More

Gaber takes silver in wrestling

Others | 8 August 2012
Egyptian wrestler Karam Gaber won the silver medal in wrestling after losing to Russia’s Alan Khugaev in the 84 kg men’s final of the London 2012 Olympics. .. More

Constituent Assembly drafts articles on freedom of press

Others | 8 August 2012
The Constituent Assembly has finished drafting constitutional articles pertaining to the freedom of the press that prohibit the imprisonment of journalists charged with so-called publishing crimes, assembly spokesperson Wahid Abdel Meguid said on Monday. .. More

Egypt political figures, groups call for changes in Camp David treaty

Others | 8 August 2012
Reactions by Egyptian political figures, groups and parties to Sunday's terrorist attack that killed 17 Egyptian border guards and injured seven more near Egypt's border with the Gaza Strip ranged from anger to sorrow. Many demanded that Egypt's new president, Mohamed Morsi, push for the amendment of Egypt's Camp David peace agreement with Israel and the security arrangements stipulated therein. .. More

Doctors Syndicate meets with ministry to discuss hospital security

Others | 8 August 2012
A delegation from the Doctors Syndicate met with Health Minister Mohamed Mostafa Hamed on Monday to discuss securing hospitals against random acts of violence, as well as limiting the maximum wage within the Health Ministry to LE20,000 a month. .. More

16 Egyptian soldiers killed at Israel border

Others | 7 August 2012
Attacks by unknown assailants on Egyptian border guard in the turmoil-hit Sinai left at least 16 dead and seven injured on Sunday, with Egyptian and Palestinian authorities responding fast to the incident. .. More

Activist declines to join presidential staff

Others | 7 August 2012
Left-wing political activist Wael Khalil, who was a candidate for the presidential staff, has declined the post. Khalil wrote on his Facebook page: “I prefer to be independent of the regime, criticize it sometimes and support it other times.”.. More

Cairo International Airport on alert after Sinai attack

Others | 7 August 2012
Cairo International Airport has declared a state of extreme emergency after a bloody attack by unknown gunmen killed 16 Egyptian security officers near the border with Israel late Sunday. .. More

Israeli army: 5 assailants in Egypt-Israel border attack killed

Others | 7 August 2012
Five gunmen who killed 16 Egyptian guards near the border with Israel before crossing into the Jewish state in an armored vehicle have been killed, an Israeli army spokesperson said Monday. .. More

Court delays decision on Shura Council selection of state newspapers editors

Others | 7 August 2012
The Supreme Administrative Court postponed Saturday the review of appeals contesting the selection of state-run newspapers’ chief editors. .. More

Qandil’s Government: Failing the Political Diversity Test

Others | 6 August 2012
It is too early to judge the policies or the performance of Hesham Qandil’s government, but it is a suitable time to judge the political significance of its makeup and what this represents. .. More

Keng Den's Funerary Boat Unearthed in Egypt

Others | 6 August 2012
Egypt has always been a mysterious place based on its rich past, hidden and revealed; and exciting stories that have been told for centuries. .. More

Team News: Mohamed Salah Starts for Egypt

Others | 6 August 2012
Mohamed Salah will start for Egypt in their Olympic quarter-final match against Japan as he looks to add to his three goals in the tournament so far. .. More

Israel asks Citizens to Leave Sinai in Fear of Attacks

Others | 6 August 2012
The Israeli government renewed its calls Thursday that all tourists in the Sinai region leave immediately, citing intelligence that Gaza-based groups were planning to target Israeli visitors.. More

Sharm al-Sheikh tourists’ Trips Cancelled After Protests Block Road

Others | 6 August 2012
Tour organizers said Sunday that 27 tours were unable to travel due to protests that erupted in South Sinai on Saturday. .. More

Egypt's PM Unveils New Cabinet, Retaining Tantawi

Others | 3 August 2012
Egypt's Prime Minister Hisham Qandil unveiled a new cabinet on Thursday that retained military chief Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi as defence minister while giving the ruling Islamists and their allies several portfolios... More

Egypt Attempts to Lure Tourists Back With the Promise of More Pyramids and Tombs

Others | 3 August 2012
Egypt is set to reveal more of its buried treasures in a bid to lure visitors back to the country... More

17 Sit-ins, Strikes Block Railways Over Past 24 Hours

Others | 3 August 2012
Seventeen strikes and sit-ins protesting water and power cuts have disrupted the railways in Upper and Lower Egypt over the past 24 hours.. More

New Cabinet no Quick Fix for Flailing Economy

Others | 3 August 2012
As Egypt's first permanent government since the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak took shape on Wednesday, the first names to emerge suggest a continuity that could aid the economy after 17 months of turmoil... More

Egyptian Border Guards Shoot 3 Migrants in Sinai

Others | 3 August 2012
Egyptian border guards shot three Eritreans who were attempting to cross into Israel on Thursday, according to state-run news agency MENA... More

Constituent Assembly may extend president's term to 5 years

Others | 2 August 2012
The Constituent Assembly is considering extending the president’s term to five years to match the terms of members of Parliament, assembly members said on Monday. .. More