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Court to rule on replacing Constituent Assembly case judges in September

Others | 31 July 2012
The State Council’s Administrative Court on Monday set a 24 September date to rule on a request submitted by Muslim Brotherhood lawyers to change the judges in the Constituent Assembly case. .. More

Fight club: A concise guide to the controversies over Egypt's new constitution

Others | 31 July 2012
Egypt's second Constituent Assembly is racing to finish the first integral draft of the constitution before the Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan ends three weeks from now, partially due to fears of its potential dissolution by another court order. Below is a quick breakdown of the major controversies that the constitution-drafting body still faces:.. More

Morsy to make Clean Homeland campaign permanent

Others | 31 July 2012
President Mohamed Morsy’s Clean Homeland campaign is set to become an official institution that would work in partnership with the state and civil society "to oversee the beautification of the Egyptian street," said presidential spokesperson Yasser Ali on Monday. .. More

Egypt PM Qandil says 70 per cent of Cabinet seats are chosen

Others | 31 July 2012
Egypt's newly appointed Prime Minister Hisham Qandil stated on Monday that he has chosen 70 per cent of Cabinet seats, and is presenting this list to President Mohamed Morsi on Monday. .. More

Constituent Assembly proposes to expand president's powers

Others | 31 July 2012
The Constituent Assembly agreed that the president should be given increased powers in the new constitution, including the power to appoint the ministers of defense and foreign affairs. .. More

Egypt Prosecutors Make Case Against 269 Cabinet Clashes Protesters on 1 October

Others | 30 July 2012
Cairo Criminal Court has scheduled for 1 October the prosecution closing arguments in the trial of over 250 protesters arrested during the Cabinet clashes last December.. More

Ministry Says Fuel Crisis has Abated

Others | 30 July 2012
The government is keeping Egypt's ongoing fuel crisis under control by distributing extra fuel and gas to meet demand, according to the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade.. More

Fate of Egypt's Interior Minister Remains Vague

Others | 30 July 2012
Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim stated on Saturday that he has not as yet been informed whether he will be keeping his post in the new cabinet... More

Activist Reveals Details of his Abduction

Others | 30 July 2012
Activist Anas al-Assal, a paramedic at the field hospitals in Tahrir Square, says an anesthetic drug was injected in his right arm when he was kidnapped Friday. .. More

Journalist: Suleiman said Gamal Mubarak attepted to assassinate him

Others | 30 July 2012
Jihad el-Khazen, a columnist at the Saudi-owned, London-based newspaper Al-Hayat, alleged on Saturday that Gamal Mubarak was responsible for an assassination attempt on the late Omar Suleiman in an ambush near Qubba hospital on 30 January 2011... More

Makeup of new Egyptian government seen complete by next week

Others | 27 July 2012
The makeup of Egypt's new government is likely to be decided by the middle of next week, a presidential spokesman said Wednesday, a day after the new prime minister was named by President Mohamed Morsy. .. More

Youth movements criticize selection of new prime minister

Others | 27 July 2012
Young revolutionaries have criticized the designation of Hesham Qandil as new prime minister, saying it was outside of all their expectations and questioning the standards of selection. .. More

ElBaradei holds meeting to discuss elections, future of Constitution Party

Others | 27 July 2012
A number of political parties are set to join the Constitution Party to form an alliance in the upcoming parliamentary elections, said on Wednesday Mohamed ElBaradei, the party’s co-founder. .. More

First Dynasty funerary boat discovered at Egypt's Abu Rawash

Others | 27 July 2012
During routine excavation works at the Archaic period cemetery located at Abu Rawash area northeast of the Giza Plateau, a French archaeological mission from the French Institute of Oriental Archaeology in Cairo (IFAO) stumbled on what is believed to be a funerary boat of the First Dynasty King Den (dating from around 3000BC). .. More

Prosecutor orders investigation of media figure Tawfiq Okasha

Others | 27 July 2012
Public Prosecutor Abdel Meguid Mahmoud ordered an investigation of Tawfiq Okasha, a talk show presenter and owner of Al-Faraeen channel, for insulting President Mohamed Morsy, state-run newspaper Al-Ahram reported on Wednesday. .. More

Switzerland freezes more Mubarak assets, says agency

Others | 26 July 2012
The Swiss authorities have frozen more assets belonging to former President Hosni Mubarak and his associates, the Swiss news agency SDA reported on Wednesday. .. More

Anti-revolution talk show host Okasha investigated on charges of incitement

Others | 26 July 2012
Prosecutor-General Abdel-Maguid Mahmoud called television anchor and head of Faraeen satellite channel Tawfik Okasha for interrogation, Wednesday, following a lawsuit brought against the controversial presenter accusing him of insulting President Mohamed Morsi and attempting to instigate sectarian strife. .. More

Infighting in Constituent Assembly as draft articles presented

Others | 26 July 2012
Political infighting dominated half of the general meeting of the Constituent Assembly on Tuesday, but eventually five of the assembly's sub-committees presented the results of their work. .. More

ElBaradei: Constitution Party to form election coalition

Others | 26 July 2012
The liberal Constitution Party will form a coalition with other parties at the next parliamentary election, party founder Mohamed ElBaradei said Tuesday. .. More

President made wrong choice with Egypt PM Kandil: Revolution Youth Union

Others | 26 July 2012
Egypt's Revolution Youth Union accused President Mohamed Morsi of being "confused" and making a mistake in choosing former irrigation and water resources minister Hisham Kandil as his new premier because Kandil's specialisations are not in line with what the country currently needs, in a press statement Wednesday. .. More

Gamal Mubarak appeals father's transfer to Tora prison

Others | 25 July 2012
Prosecution heard statements by Gamal Mubarak, son of the former president Hosni Mubarak, on Monday regarding his appeal of a report by the chief medical examiner treating his father, said Major General Mohamed Naguib, the deputy interior minister for prisons. .. More