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Mubarak lawyers request his return to military hospital

Others | 18 July 2012
Two members of former President Hosni Mubarak’s defense team submitted a complaint to Public Prosecutor Abdel Meguid Mahmoud against his decision to return Mubarak to Tora Prison Hospital. .. More

Egyptian textile workers in revolt; 7 companies join Mahalla textile strike

Others | 18 July 2012
Egypt's Minister of Industry and Commerce, Mahmoud Issa, is planning to visit the state-owned Mahalla Misr Spinning and Weaving Company factory as an ongoing strike wave starts to spread to a number of neighbouring governorates. .. More

Interruptions, clashes during Constituent Assembly case hearing

Others | 18 July 2012
The court reviewing the Constituent Assembly case suspended the trial session for a second time and decided to hold it in another hall due to crowds and shouting. .. More

Train derails in Egypt's Giza, no deaths confirmed

Others | 18 July 2012
A train heading from Cairo to the Upper Egyptian governorate of Sohag was derailed in the Badrasheen area of Giza on Tuesday after hitting barriers deliberately placed on the track by passengers from another train. A number of people were reportedly injured, although no deaths have been confirmed. .. More

Largest trial in Egyptian history for Mohamed Mahmoud clashes adjourned

Others | 18 July 2012
Cairo Criminal Court adjourned the trial of 379 suspects connected to the clashes on Mohamed Mahmoud Street until 13 October, state media reported Tuesday. .. More

Ashton to arrive in Cairo Wednesday

Others | 17 July 2012
Catherine Ashton, the EU’s high representative for foreign affairs, will arrive in Cairo on Wednesday for a two-day visit to meet with President Mohamed Morsy, the UN Commission announced on Sunday in Brussels... More

Interior Ministry refuses to resume football championships

Others | 17 July 2012
The Interior Ministry has refused the Egyptian Football Association's petition to resume the league and cup football championships for 2012/13, which were slated to resume on 24 August, the association said on its official website on Sunday. .. More

Update: Mubarak returns to Tora Prison

Others | 17 July 2012
Security sources told Al-Masry Al-Youm that former President Hosni Mubarak was moved from the Maadi Military Hospital to the Tora Prison Hospital, after doctors made sure that his condition was stable. .. More

Average family spends 40% on food and beverages, says CAPMAS

Others | 17 July 2012
A recent study by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics has shown that the Egyptian family spends an average of 40 percent of its income on food and beverages, while the percentage of the annual expenditure on education is 3.9 percent. .. More

Death toll of Alexandria building collapse rises to 19

Others | 17 July 2012
Authorities have recovered 19 bodies from under the rubble of three apartment buildings that collapsed in Alexandria, the Health Ministry said Monday. Nine people who were injured were also rescued from the buildings, and efforts to search for other victims are ongoing. .. More

Clinton to Morsy: Find way out of crisis

Others | 16 July 2012
US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton used her first meeting with Egypt's new Islamist president to pressMohammed Morsy to start a dialogue with military leaders as a way of preserving the country's transition to democracy. .. More

Clinton meets Egypt generals after urging 'smooth transition'

Others | 16 July 2012
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was Sunday holding talks with Egypt's top military leaders, just hours after calling for them to help smooth the country's full transition to democracy. .. More

Nine dead, three wounded found under collapsed Alexandria building

Others | 16 July 2012
Nine people have been found dead under the rubble of a collapsed building in Alexandria Saturday, the city's Civil Protection Department said... More

Human Rights Watch: Morsy must halt military trials of civilians

Others | 16 July 2012
Human Rights Watch urged President Mohamed Morsy to immediately end military trials of civilians in a report Sunday. The halting of military trials for civilians has been regularly demanded by politicians and rights groups since the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces assumed power last February... More

Egypt appeals court rejects suit on parliament legality

Others | 16 July 2012
The Cairo Appeals Court has rejected a lawsuit filed by Parliament Speaker Saad El-Katatni on the legality of the membership of current parliamentarians. .. More

Suez Canal officials called as witnesses in Shafiq corruption case

Others | 13 July 2012
A judge investigating charges that former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq squandered public funds has decided to call a number of Suez Canal Authority members for questioning in the case. .. More

Socialist Party calls for national consensus meeting

Others | 13 July 2012
The Socialist Popular Alliance Party issued a call on Thursday to convene a national consensus meeting where different political parties would draft an action plan for the next six months and develop a collective stance on the supplementary constitutional declaration issued by the military council in June. .. More

Demonstrators protest government sale of Nubian land

Others | 13 July 2012
Tens of Nubian protesters blocked traffic on Qasr al-Aini Street on Thursday afternoon, demanding a halt to the auctioning off of land that they claim is ancient Nubian property by the Ministry of Agriculture and the General Authority of Rehabilitation Projects... More

President Morsi returns to Egypt after a quick visit to Saudi Arabia

Others | 13 July 2012
President Mohamed Morsi returned to Cairo on Thursday afternoon after a visit to Saudi Arabia – the first he has undertaken to a foreign country after taking office. The newly elected president held talks with King Abdullah and Crown Prince Salman ibn Abdel-Aziz regarding the future of Egyptian-Saudi relations and how to endorse economic and investment projects between the two countries. .. More

Egyptian journalist Shaimaa Adel to be deported from Sudan next Monday

Others | 13 July 2012
The Sudanese ambassador to Cairo Kamal Hassan Ali announced on Thursday that Egyptian journalist Shaimaa Adel, who has been detained in Khartoum for 11 days now, after being arrested while covering the anti-regime protests, will be released and deported to Cairo by next Monday. .. More

Morsy travels to Saudi Arabia for first state visit

Others | 12 July 2012
Marking his first state visit as president, Mohamed Morsy traveled to Saudi Arabia Wednesday to meet with King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz. .. More