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Copts and Poliltical Islam

Coptic leaders refuse to meet with Clinton

Others | 17 July 2012
Coptic leaders have declined to meet with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, saying that she is recognizing sectarian divisions by meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis before requesting to meet with Copts. .. More

Egypt's Islamists dig in against 'dissolution' verdicts

Others | 17 July 2012
The executive office of Islamist-dominated Constituent Assembly tasked with drafting Egypt’s new constitution is due to hold an urgent meeting tomorrow. Amr Darrag, the assembly’s secretary-general, indicated that the meeting would be entirely devoted to discussing teh Administrative Court ruling expected Tuesday on the dissolution of the assembly. Darrag said the urgent meeting would be followed by a press conference to explain to the public the position of the executive office regarding expected verdicts. .. More

Liberal and Christian figures, groups protest Clinton's Egypt visit

Others | 17 July 2012
A number of liberal and Christian politicians and public figures have condemned US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's visit to Egypt, accusing the United States of harbouring bias towards Egypt's Islamist parties, especially the Muslim Brotherhood. .. More

Islamists slam Tantawi statement to Clinton

Others | 17 July 2012
The Muslim Brotherhood and the Jama'a al-Islamiya have criticized Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi for his statements to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in which he stressed that the armed forces would not allow a certain group to dominate Egypt and ignore the rest of the Egyptian society. .. More

NCW blames Islamists for exclusion of women

Others | 16 July 2012
The head of Egypt's National Council for Women, Mervat al-Tallawy, said Friday that Egyptian women are excluded from the revolutionary scene due to “social culture and the currents that have taken advantage of the revolution and taken positions, such as political Islam.” .. More

MOPCO employees, Coptic Christians protest at presidential palace

Others | 16 July 2012
Protesters returned to the presidential palace in Heliopolis Saturday after two days of relative calm, with fertilizer plant workers from Damietta and dozens of Coptic Christians staging two separate demonstrations. .. More

Egypt's Brotherhood, SCAF locked in delicate dance over constitutional legitimacy

Others | 16 July 2012
Only 48 hours before a scheduled court verdict on the legality of the Constituent Assembly – tasked with drafting a new constitution – Egypt's quasi-ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) denied media reports that it planned to unilaterally dissolve the body. .. More

Morsi to meet Pope of Orthodox Church in Ethiopia

Others | 16 July 2012
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi will meet the Pope of the Orthodox Church in Ethiopia Monday at Egypt's embassy in Addis Ababa. .. More

Shater’s son launches Zad, a new supermarket franchise

Others | 16 July 2012
Saad al-Shater, managing director of the Zad Company and son of the Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Guide Khairat al-Shater, on Sunday said that his company has opened 15 new Zad supermarkets in Nasr City, with more branches planned to open nationwide in the near future. .. More

Salafists battle for a religious state in Egypt

Others | 13 July 2012
Ultraconservative Salafists have stepped up efforts aimed at imposing their radical brand of Islam on Egypt's new constitution. The two Salafist parties, El-Nour Party and Asala, have exploited their membership of the Constituent Assembly tasked with drafting a new constitution to battle hard to change the first three articles of 1971 constitution. They were successful with the first article, but lost with the second and third articles under pressure of the prestigious and moderate Sunni Islam Al-Azhar institution and liberal forces. .. More

The Brotherhood: Battling on all fronts

Others | 13 July 2012
As lawmakers, the Muslim Brotherhood have faced the judiciary’s wrath on several occasions, for proposing a bill to revamp the judicial system, and again for questioning the integrity of judges on the heels of some of the most controversial verdicts that have ever impacted politics. But perhaps their greatest battle has been the recent Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) ruling that disbanded Parliament. .. More

After Suez murder, questions linger over vigilante 'morality police'

Others | 13 July 2012
SUEZ — As the sun set over Suez’s corniche, couples and families started to arrive at the popular hangout. Couples sat on the bank of the canal, watching the sunset and chatting intimately, while others parked themselves in a nearby garden well-known as a local lovers’ lane. .. More

'Principles' of Sharia law must remain primary source of legislation: Egypt's Grand Imam

Others | 12 July 2012
Grand Imam Ahmed El-Tayeb, Egypt's most senior Islamic cleric, has said the principles of Islamic law must remain the primary source of legislation in Egypt's new constitution. .. More

Brotherhood lawyer: Constitutional court ruling on People's Assembly 'worthless'

Others | 12 July 2012
Amid mounting tension between Egypt's Islamist political forces and the judiciary, Muslim Brotherhood lawyer Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maqsoud described Tuesday's ruling by Egypt's High Constitutional Court (HCC), which overturned a presidential decree reinstating the People's Assembly, as "worthless." .. More

Egypt court's parliament verdict angers Islamists

Others | 12 July 2012
The High Constitutional Court's (HCC) decision on Tuesday night to cancel President Mohamed Morsi's reinstatement of the People's Assembly has provoked an angry response from Egyptian Islamists. .. More

Al-Azhar, Salafis clash over Article 2

Others | 11 July 2012
Egypt’s new constitution should preserve the wording of Article 2 of the 1971 Constitution stipulating that the “principles” of Islamic law are the main source of legislation, said the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar on Tuesday, sparking condemnation from Salafi politicians. .. More

Egyptian Salafist Party proposes names for new cabinet ministers

Others | 11 July 2012
The Salafist Nour Party has presented President Mohamed Morsi with a number of names as possible ministers within the new cabinet. .. More

Brotherhood calls for million-man march to back Morsi's decree

Others | 10 July 2012
The Muslim Brotherhood called a Tuesday million-march on the Twitter account of the group's official website Ikhwanweb, to support President Mohamed Morsi's Sunday decree that reinstated the People's Assembly, the lower house of Egypt's parliament. .. More

Muslim Brotherhood organizes to support Morsy

Others | 10 July 2012
Sources within the Muslim Brotherhood say the group has drafted a plan to be carried out nationwide that would support President Mohamed Morsy, and specifically his decision to reinstate the People’s Assembly. .. More

Salafist call in the line of fire

Others | 10 July 2012
The new book by journalist Waleed Toghan tackles a topic heavily discussed these days: Salafists. The book, Salafists Also Go to Hell, published by Sefsafa Publishing, delves into the religious foundations of Salafists who are considered the most conservative Islamists. .. More

FJP leaders want Shater for prime minister

Others | 9 July 2012
Following an emergency meeting of Freedom and Justice Party’s leaders Saturday morning, sources said that Muslim Brotherhood Shura Council members in attendance called for former presidential candidate Khairat al-Shater to be appointed prime minister. The members said because Morsy was elected president, the Brotherhood party has the right to lead the cabinet. .. More