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We sacrifice our blood for Egypt

Sherif Mansour | 17 July 2012
I used to wonder upon reading the history of our Coptic grandfathers, and how they allowed Egypt to be occupied so easily. And now, we are about to repeat the same incidents. Egyptians are so disintegrated. It looks like we no longer care for our country or its great civilization. .. More

Fekry Abd Elmotaleb

J.M Fahmy | 16 July 2012
Few days back last week Fekry Abd Elmotaleb left our word for ever to meet his creator; but I know lots of you wonder who is he and many of you never ever heard his name and might even had seen him and listened to his words but just like me do not keep names in memory or just seen it and never got the chance to know his name... More

Lament for Egypt

Victor Thabet | 13 July 2012
I cannot believe that my beloved and the beginning of civilization is dying. Egypt my dear, I can sea tears on your cheeks and I can see your Nile River bleeding. I can see the pale face of the Sphinx wondering: is this the end! .. More

Illegal president!

Dr. Awad Shafik | 12 July 2012
The decision of Mr. President to reinstate the dissolved Parliament is an invalid decision, and he should be prosecuted for it. Moreover, he has committed another mistake when he claimed that Military Council had issued a mistaken administrative decision, In fact, it was an executive on. .. More

Dear Christians, prayers are not enough!

John Alfy | 11 July 2012
One of the priests told me why Christians in Egypt make a cross tattoo on their right hand. And the reason dates back to the days of Christians’ persecution, as Romans used to kill Christians after they had tortured them. Many children had lost their parents, and this tattoo was a mark that this child is a Christian. .. More

The Battle for Egypt [Future or no Future]

J.M Fahmy | 10 July 2012
Let me use Pope Shenuda III words translated in English: Be Realistic think of a solution for your problem do not concentrate on Sadness or Melancholy and if you fail wait for God's help live and support reality! .. More

Honest men amid mob

Medhat Kelada | 9 July 2012
It's true that Egypt has many great sons who stand alone in the Egyptian history. We may agree or disagree with them, but for sure we do respect and appreciate them as they are great representatives for Egypt. In the past, Egypt had many great sons like Akhenaten who was the first to believe in monotheism as well as Menes who united upper and Lower Egypt. In the modern history, there are many great Egyptians like Naguib Mahfouz, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature, Sir Magdi Yacoub and the Nobel Prize winner for scinece, Dr. Ahmed Zewail. .. More

It's easier to blame the others

Basant Mousa | 6 July 2012
I was late for writing my article, as I was really annoyed. This happens too often as I suffer in my retarded community. Many times I blamed for mistakes that’s not mine. However, I don't accept this way of talking. Moreover, I don't accept to be forced to do something. .. More

Let's mourn for Egypt!

Samir Habashi | 5 July 2012
When Mohammed Mursy was announced the president of Egypt, many honorable Egyptians couldn't believe it. They felt how unfair and evil it is and there is something trying to hide the truth. They felt Egypt has become like a woman that can't see but the bearded men even if they are very deceitful... More

Reproduction of scorpions

Dr. Raafat Fahim Gendy | 4 July 2012
I have read that a male scorpion after reproduction becomes so weak and the female kills him after she had got his spermatophore. This is so similar to what happens between Muslim Brotherhood and the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, as their first child didn't live long (I mean the Parliament), MB has conceived the brilliant child (I mean Mursy). Later, I'm sure that MB will come and kill the SCAF just like the female scorpion kills its male. .. More

To get rid of garbage, you should raise pigs!

Nabil al-Mekaddis | 3 July 2012
Getting rid of garbage in the streets is part of progress project of the elected president Mursy who loves to be called so to be differentiated from all other governors of Egypt like the ousted king Farouk, or the deposed Mohammed Naguib, or the assassinated Nasser and Sadat, or the overthrown Mubarak. .. More

What Is Going On?

J.M Fahmy | 2 July 2012
For the past week and since early hours of last elections ended at 10pm Sunday 17, then 6 hours later at 4am Dr. Morsy declared he had WON and Egypt never slept since then! People celebrating the new civilian 1st ever elected president, others objecting, and as usual Egypt subdivided on it self between supporter, opposition, indifferent, and admirers you name it... More


Gergis Wahib | 29 June 2012
Thanks to crises as they reveal men. We saw Ahemd Shafik who has honorably lost the elections against Dr. Mohammed Mursy however all of us know that the elections should have been annulled after the results had been rigged,.. More

Will Egypt remain for all Egyptians?

Maria Alfy | 28 June 2012
Since the January Uprising (more than 18 months) Egypt has been waiting for its new president. During 18 days, this uprising has united the Egyptian people to demand a civil state where there is freedom as well as human dignity. .. More

Congratulations on stability

Ashraf Abdel-Kader | 26 June 2012
The final results of presidential elections will be declared in few hours. A winner and a loser, and the game is over. The final results indicate the victory of Shafik, the candidate of the civil state. .. More

The fate of Mursy

Girgis Bushra | 26 June 2012
Muslim Brotherhood was established basically for the Islamic Dawa, but it has lost its goal after it had mixed politics with religion to seize power. It has also established a political party, which is against MB principles, and defends the blood of the martyrs while their hands are stained with the blood of many Egyptians. .. More

Democracy of MB

Gergis Wahib | 25 June 2012
MB history since its very beginning or the beginning of the revolution of January 25 does not bode at all that they will bring something good for Egypt. MB has called the revolutionists drug addicted and adulterers. Moreover, it charged the judges of corruption and called Christians infidels. Furthermore, it charged ministry of interiors of corruption and issued an advisory opinion that tourism as well as banking is haram or prohibited by Islam. .. More

Genius of SCAF and deadlock of MB

Michel Fahmy | 22 June 2012
Since the revolution of January 25 have started, there are many shocking and succeeding events, for instance: many historic places were burned, many prisoners have escaped and one of them is about to become the president of Egypt, Many women, children and men have been kidnapped, banks have been stolen, and the stock market have crashed. .. More


J.M Fahmy | 21 June 2012
On this crucial time in the history of Egypt a 7,000 old civilization country that hosted two of the old 7 wonders of the world after a brief off the Internet forced vacation I can not post my thoughts weekly as I used to do recently, but my feelings and thoughts still on; you can not stop caring of whom you love or put your brains in rest unless you are in a comma and even then your brains is working on its own out of control but still working until finally put on eternal rest with death. .. More

Human slaughter!

Adel Ateya | 19 June 2012
A satellite channel has showed a video of a young man who was being slaughtered by some Islamic masked men, and there was a religious background. The young man was praying while the knife was slaying his neck to shed his blood on the earth and make his killers feel elated after holding his neck as a sign of victory!.. More

Why did sheik Shaarawy leave MB?

Ashraf Abdel-Kader | 18 June 2012
When any educated person criticizes Muslim Brotherhood, MB attacks him and accuses him of infidelity and defamation of religion. However, I'm trying to uncover them before the people they are deceiving to know their reality. MB is trading on religion which is an effective tool to have power and authority. They try to look piety and righteous while in fact they are not. They mix between religion and politics though they shouldn't. Religion is pure and holy, but politics is the art of the possible or “Machiavellian” meaning “the end justifies the means”. Egyptian sociologist, Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim, head of Ibn Khaldun Center said: "Religion is holy and politics is defiled, how can we mix them?”. However, they mix religion and politics accusing anyone who tries to separate them (in order to preserve the purity of religion) of blasphemy? .. More