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Egyptian Coptic activists declare creation of Christian Brotherhood

Others | 8 July 2012
A group of Coptic activists in Egypt announced the establishment of the Christian Brotherhood to counter the growing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood especially after their candidate Mohammed Mursi won the presidential elections. .. More

Church threatens to withdraw from Constituent Assembly

Others | 6 July 2012
Holy Synod has expressed its concerns about the meetings of the Constituent Committee to draft the new Constitution, stressing that the church is worried that such it Constituent Committee may draft a constitution for the Islamists and not for all Egyptians . .. More

Abu Hamed: Islamic groups should be dissolved

Maria Alfy | 6 July 2012
MP Mohammed Abu Hamed has demanded all Islamic groups to be dissolved as they are such a threat to Egyptian national security and produce many terroristic movements. .. More

Suhag: Copts specialized kidnapper is arrested

Others | 6 July 2012
Egyptian police in Suhag has arrested a kidnapper who has specialized in Copts kidnapping. Ahmed A. N. (31) has confessed that he had kidnapped many Coptic men and women in Suhag and Akhmim. .. More

Suez: Parties and political forces denounce killing university student

Others | 6 July 2012
Many parties and political forces in Suez have issued a statement in which it denounced killing university student Ahmed Husein Eid by 3 bearded white-dressed men who stabbed him with a sharp knife (as he was walking with his fiancee alone!) which later has resulted in his death at hospital . .. More

What will the Muslim Brotherhood's election mean for Egypt's women and minorities?

Others | 6 July 2012
The victory of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt's presidential elections last week has raised serious questions about future political and economic relations between Cairo and the West. Concerns have been raised about the Brotherhood’s commitment to civil and minority rights... More

Red Sea: A young Christian girl is kidnapped!

Girgis Bushra | 5 July 2012
Human rights activist Amira Potros told Copts United that a Christian girl called Hend Farouk (24), was kidnapped by three young people while she was leaving the church in al-Qasir, Red Sea governorate. .. More

Journalist Samuel Ashay has been attacked

Others | 5 July 2012
A number of followers of Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo have attacked the journalist Samuel Ashay, administrator of General Omar Suleiman’s campaign for the presidency, using white weapons. However, police could save him. .. More

MB is trying to replace the European tourists with Arabic

Others | 5 July 2012
A source in MB has said that Egypt will receive many tourists from the gulf during the next few weeks and during the holy month of Ramadan in order to cover up the shortage of European tourism, which affected many people badly and made them vote for Shafik in the presidential elections. .. More

Al-Demerdash: Islamic groups supported by MB tend to use violence

Others | 4 July 2012
Dr. Sherif al-Demerdash, a spokesman for People Coalition, said that there is a serious threat to the future of Egypt after such unjustified violence of people pretending to apply the Islamic law, and call themselves: “Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice”. .. More

Austria: Muslims celebrate the centenary of the state recognition of Islam

Others | 4 July 2012
Muslim community in Vienna has celebrated the centenary of the state recognition of Islam since 1912, as well as the new elected Islamic president, Dr. Mohammed Mursy. .. More

August: final list of papal candidates, voter registration resumes today

Others | 4 July 2012
A source in the Registration committee for the papal elections told Copts United that the final list of candidates is likely to be announced in August. .. More

Movements condemn what happened for members of al-Azhar

Others | 4 July 2012
Free Front for peaceful change and the revolution youth movement has condemned what happened to the great Imam Ahmed al-Tayeb and senior scientists of al-Azhar during the speech of Dr. Muhammad Mursy at Cairo University. .. More

Suez: Leaders of the Catholic Church in Suez offer congratulations to Mursy and FJP

Others | 3 July 2012
Father Bishay Isaac Bishay, deputy of Coptic Catholic Diocese in Suez accompanied by a delegation of Catholic Church's leaders has visited the headquarters of Freedom and Justice Party to congratulate them on the victory of Dr. Mohamed Morsy in the presidential elections. .. More

Suez: CPVPV carries out its first assassination

Maria Alfy | 3 July 2012
Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (CPVPV) has carried out its first assassination in Suez by killing a young man who was walking with his fiancé. .. More

Ghoneim considers Naaot a disbeliever

Maria Alfy | 3 July 2012
In charges that may lead to her assassination, sheik Wagdy Ghoneim, the Islamic preacher, has considered the writer Fatma Naaot a disbeliever, and wrote on his Twitter account that Naaot is a criminal, anti-Islam and beloved of Christians. .. More

Abba Pachomius denies official communications about Coptic nominations for official positions

Maria Alfy | 3 July 2012
Abba Pachomius, the acting Patriarch, has denied that any official communications had occurred concerning nominations of Copts to take official positions in the new government. .. More

Robert Fisk: President Morsi, a rigged ballot and a fox's tale that has all of Cairo abuzz

Others | 2 July 2012
There is a fox in Tahrir Square. Bushy tailed and thickly furred, he claims to hear everything. And this is what he says: that 50.7 per cent of Egyptian voters cast their ballot for Mubarak's former Prime Minister, Ahmed Shafiq, in last month's elections; that only 49.3 per cent voted for Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice party; but that the military were so fearful of the hundreds of thousands of Brotherhood supporters who would gather in Tahrir Square they gave the victory to Morsi. .. More

Media Professors: Copts United is concerned about Social justice and presidential elections

Others | 2 July 2012
A round-table discussion was held last Thursday at the conference hall, Faculty of Information, Cairo University in the presence of an elite group of media professors, to discuss the second monitoring report for the performance of media during the transitional period in Egypt from January 1, 2012 to April 26, 2012. .. More

Gebrael calls churches’ representatives to withdraw upon insisting on changing Article II

Coptsunited | 2 July 2012
Dr Naguib Gebrael, head of the Egyptian Federation for Human Rights, has sent a letter to the representatives of the three Churches participating in the founding committee for drafting the new Constitution, in which he warned them against accepting replacing “Basics of Sharia” with “Sharia” which some Islamic currents are trying to impose by force to make the constitution supports a religious state. .. More

Beni Suef: MB prepares to penetrate youth centers

Gergis Wahib | 2 July 2012
Members of Muslim Brotherhood in Beni Suef are renewing their memberships in youth centers and making new ones in order to participate in the elections of youth centers that will take place in few weeks. .. More