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SCAF to amend Constitutional Declaration to gain legislative, financial powers

Others | 18 June 2012
The ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces will introduce amendments to the Constitutional Declaration, issued in March 2011, to expand its powers following the Supreme Constitutional Court’s order to dissolve parliament, military sources told AFP. .. More

Egyptian voters see invisible hand guiding Shafiq to power

Others | 18 June 2012
"Why should I vote? My vote doesn't count and the picture is very clear – they want (Ahmed) Shafiq and they are going to make him the next president whoever we vote for," said Hussein, a Cairo taxi driver. .. More

Sporadic violence seen on the second day of presidential runoffs

Others | 18 June 2012
The second day of Egypt’s presidential runoffs has seen a number of clashes between supporters of the two candidates, former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsy. .. More

First day of presidential runoffs reflects Egypt’s troubled transition

Others | 18 June 2012
The last round of Egypt’s presidential elections kicked off Saturday amid speculations that the results may deal the last blow to the January 25 revolution and tighten the grip of the military junta on the helm of state. .. More

Morsy campaign: Already marked ballots were printing error

Others | 18 June 2012
A Freedom and Justice Party representative said party workers observed campaign violations throughout the morning of the first day of the runoff election between Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsy and former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq. .. More

Court acquits 4 Daqahlia police officials on charge of killing protesters

Others | 15 June 2012
Mansoura Criminal Court on Thursday acquitted four Daqahlia police officials accused of killing and injuring demonstrators during the 25 January 2011 uprising. .. More

Three more liberal members withdraw from Egypt's Constituent Assembly

Others | 15 June 2012
At a joint press conference on Thursday, three prominent public figures announced their withdrawal from Egypt's Constituent Assembly, tasked with drafting a new constitution. The three figures are: Abdel Galil Mostafa, general coordinator for the National Association for Change reform movement; constitutional law expert Gabr Nassar; and Christian thinker Samir Marcus. .. More

Rights advocates challenge military powers to arrest civilians in court

Others | 15 June 2012
Former presidential candidate Khaled Ali, a number of human rights organizations and others have filed lawsuits to overturn the Justice Ministry decree granting the military broad authority to arrest civilians. .. More

US warns citizens to 'remain alert' as tensions rise in Egypt

Others | 15 June 2012
The US Embassy on Tuesday urged American citizens in Egypt to "remain alert…review their personal security plans" and avoid protest spaces like Tahrir Square, due to Thursday's High Constitutional Court verdict and the upcoming presidential election run-offs on 16 – 17 June. The security message published on its official website provided contact information and numbers to help US nationals if the situation in Egypt were to turn "violent". .. More

Qalyubiya imams to be questioned over campaigning in mosques

Others | 15 June 2012
Twelve imams have been summoned for questioning on allegations they carried out campaign activities in Qalyubiya mosques, which prompted fighting among worshipers. .. More

Activist Asmaa Mahfouz wins appeal in assault case

Others | 14 June 2012
The Ain Shams Appeals Court cleared on Tuesday activist Asmaa Mahfouz of allegations she attacked a civil servant. .. More

SCAF member Mamdouh Shahin to withdraw from constituent assembly

Others | 14 June 2012
Major Mamdouh Shahin, a member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, has said he intends to withdraw from the constituent assembly due to the absence of a national consensus on its composition, an official source told Ahram Online Wednesday. .. More

April 6 Democratic Front calls for Egypt runoff boycott

Others | 14 June 2012
The April 6 Youth Movement (Democratic Front) has called for a boycott of Egypt's presidential election runoff on 16-17 June. .. More

Constitutional court to rule on isolation law in open session

Others | 14 June 2012
The Supreme Constitutional Court will hold an open session to consider challenges to two laws in cases that have significant implications for the country's future. .. More

BREAKING: Egypt military intelligence, police authorised to arrest civilians

Others | 14 June 2012
Egypt’s justice ministry on Wednesday issued a decree authorising military-intelligence officers and military-police officers to arrest civilians for non-military crimes, a right previously reserved for police officers alone. .. More

Sabbahi, ElBaradei mull launch of broad-based 'revolutionary alliance'

Others | 13 June 2012
First-round presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi and reform campaigner and founder of the newly-established Constitution Party Mohamed ElBaradei, met Monday evening to discuss the potential for creating a broad umbrella group to unite pro-revolution political forces. .. More

Financial corruption trial for Mubarak's sons to begin 9 July

Others | 13 June 2012
The Cairo Court of Appeals has set 9 July as the start date for the trial of Alaa and Gamal Mubarak, sons of the ousted president, and seven others on financial corruption charges. .. More

ElBaradei: Constituent Assembly formation is attempt to hurt revolution

Others | 13 June 2012
Nobel laureate Mohamed ElBaradei on Tuesday attacked the planned formation of the committee tasked with writing the country's new constitution, describing it as an attempt to undermine the 25 January revolution. .. More

Supreme court says will not send representatives to Constituent Assembly

Others | 13 June 2012
The Supreme Constitutional Court’s general assembly agreed on Tuesday not to send representatives to the committee tasked with writing Egypt’s new constitution. .. More

Confident of acquittal, runaway minister says will return to Egypt soon

Others | 13 June 2012
Former Industry and Trade Minister Rachid Mohamed Rachid, who fled the country during the 25 January uprising early last year, said Monday he is confident he will be acquitted of corruption charges and plans to return to Egypt soon. .. More

Sabbahi: Stability after election of new president not guaranteed

Others | 12 June 2012
Egypt will not necessarily be stable after the election of a new president, former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi said Sunday in an interview with CBC satellite channel. .. More