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ElBaradei reiterates calls for presidential council or interim president

Others | 11 June 2012
Longtime reform advocate Mohamed ElBaradei has called for the formation of a three-member presidential council to write the new constitution. .. More

Egypt political, civil society groups name choices to write constitution

Others | 11 June 2012
The moderate Islamist Wasat Party said on Saturday it will nominate two of its members as representatives in the constituent assembly (CA), including the party's head, Abul-Ela Maady, and deputy party head MP Essam Sultan. .. More

Presidential candidate Shafiq sharpens attacks on Brotherhood's Mursi

Others | 11 June 2012
Presidential finalist Ahmed Shafiq held a press conference on Sunday afternoon in which he stepped up attacks on his electoral rival, Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Mursi. .. More

Girl reportedly caught with Salafi MP in obscene act not his niece

Others | 11 June 2012
The girl reportedly caught in an obscene act with Salafi MP Ali Wanees in his car is not his niece as he previously claimed, security services determined after an investigation. .. More

Political powers disagree over Islamist representation in Constituent Assembly

Others | 11 June 2012
Political powers strongly disagree on Islamic representation on the constitution-writing committee, sources who attended a meeting Sunday for political groups at the Wafd Party headquarters said. .. More

Judicial body recommendation, if implemented, would dissolve Parliament

Others | 8 June 2012
A judicial body recommended on Wednesday that the law regulating parliamentary elections be overturned, raising the possibility that the legislature could be dissolved. .. More

Political forces reach unhappy consensus on Egypt's constituent assembly

Others | 8 June 2012
Parliamentary political parties are due to meet with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) 2.30pm Thursday, at the end of a 48-hour grace period granted by the ruling military council for the political forces to reach an agreement on the formation of the constituent assembly. This follows a heated meeting at the Wafd Party headquarters that lasted until 4am Thursday morning between delegates of Egypt's parliamentary forces. .. More

Court commissioners' legal opinion could disqualify Shafiq 2 days before runoff

Others | 8 June 2012
The commissioners for the Supreme Constitutional Court have decided that the Presidential Elections Commission's referral of the Political Isolation Law to the court is invalid, an opinion that if adopted would exclude Ahmed Shafiq from the presidential runoff election two days before it is set to begin. .. More

SCAF gives parties 48 hours to resolve constituent assembly crisis

Others | 8 June 2012
After a meeting with Egypt's ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) on Tuesday, political party representatives said that the council had given them a two-day period in which to issue a parliamentary decision on the membership criteria for Egypt's constituent assembly – tasked with drafting a new constitution – or else the SCAF would either issue a 'constitutional annex' or revive the 1971 constitution. .. More

New constituent assembly guidelines referred to Egypt parliament speaker

Others | 8 June 2012
According to independent daily Al-Shorouk, Parliament’s legislative affairs committee on Saturday referred new draft guidelines for the formation of a constituent assembly – tasked with drafting a new constitution – to Parliamentary Speaker Saad El-Katatni. .. More

Mubarak put on artificial respiration five times since Tuesday: Official source

Others | 7 June 2012
Ousted president Mubarak has been given artificial respiration five times in the last few hours and he remains in a ‘critical’ condition following his incarceration in Tora prison on 2 June, an official source told Ahram Online. .. More

On anniversary of his death, Khaled Saeed's mother offers advice to revolutionaries

Others | 7 June 2012
“Revolutionaries need to digest the lessons learned and the mistakes that have occurred in order to achieve the goals of the January 25 revolution,” said Laila Marzouk, Khaled Saeed's mother, while visiting her son's grave on the second anniversary of his death. .. More

Politician El-Ghazali Harb endorses Shafiq presidential bid

Others | 7 June 2012
Well-known politician Osama El-Ghazali Harb has announced his support for Mubarak's ex-prime minister and presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq. .. More

Ganzouri says Cabinet on suicide mission

Others | 7 June 2012
Prime Minister Kamal al-Ganzouri defended his cabinet's performance to reporters on Wednesday, saying it has been on a “suicide” mission over the last six months, but that its achievements have been remarkable. .. More

Sabbahi rejects Shafiq, Morsy

Others | 7 June 2012
On his Twitter, former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi said he does not support Ahmed Shafiq or Mohamed Morsy in the presidential runoff election. He also denied having met with Shafiq. .. More

Shafiq accuses Brotherhood of killing protesters during Battle of Camel

Others | 6 June 2012
Ahmed Shafiq on Monday evening speaking in a televised interview on the private channel CBC, sustained his attacks on the Muslim Brotherhood accusing them of sectarianism and divisiviness. .. More

Mubarak in 'poor health,' says prisons official

Others | 6 June 2012
Former President Hosni Mubarak is in poor health, said the head of public relations for the Interior Ministry’s Prisons Department. .. More

ElBaradei to take stance on presidential council in press conference

Others | 6 June 2012
Constitution Party co-founder Mohamed ElBaradei will hold a press conference upon returning to Egypt Tuesday to declare his stance on the formation of a presidential council, privately owned Al-Shorouk newspaper reported. .. More

Former candidates Abul-Fotouh, Ali and Sabbahi to lead Egypt protest marches Tuesday

Others | 6 June 2012
Eliminated presidential candidates Abdel Moneim Aboul-Fotouh, Khaled Ali and Hamdeen Sabbahi will each lead a march to Tahrir Square as part of the nationwide protests scheduled for Tuesday. .. More

Foreign Ministry: Kuwait tops expat voting in last 2 days

Others | 6 June 2012
Nearly 50,000 Egyptian expatriates voted in the last two days, with the Gulf nation of Kuwait recording the most voters, Egypt’s Foreign Ministry said on its website. .. More

After Mubarak trial verdicts, Parliament opens fire on judiciary

Others | 5 June 2012
Egypt's judicial authorities fell under unprecedented criticism by the People's Assembly – the lower house of Egypt's Islamist-dominated Parliament – in a stormy session on Sunday morning. The assembly, led by Muslim Brotherhood MPs, decided to draw up a committee tasked with investigating judicial corruption and discussing legislation required to do so. .. More