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Moving out of the Deadlock

Nabil Hanna | 7 June 2012
Egyptians of all currents anticipated the judgment on Mubarak, his sons, the former interior minister Habib al-Adly, as well as his assistants. Some people expected the judgment to be “not guilty” while others expected him to be sentenced to death. However, we all agreed that June 2nd 2012 will not pass unnoticed. I as well as many have expected the judgment to be postponed until after the presidential elections. .. More

Shafik is the choice of the middle class

Mahmoud al-Faraoni | 6 June 2012
Ahmed Shafik is such a phenomenon rather than a remnant of the former regime. His rivals claim he has appeared .. More

MB is the trump card of America and Israel in Egypt

Sobhi Foad | 5 June 2012
While Young people of Egypt were receiving the bullets of policemen in Tahrir Square on January 25, Muslim Brotherhood have received American orders to wait and see what Mubarak was going to do on one hand, and make sure young people could incite the Egyptians as much as they could on the other hand. Two days later, millions of Egyptians had participated in the revolution and hundreds of Egyptians had been already killed, and finally, US ordered MB through their agent in Turkey to participate in the demonstrations. .. More

Another YES for Shafik

Michel Fahmy | 4 June 2012
Today, many thoughts are hitting Egypt like huge waves; most of it is destructive while few are of use. It is like a hurricane that hits all over Egypt, and affects the Egyptian personality in a very bad way, and affected ethics, religions, security, politics, media, society, economy… etc. .. More

Democracy in Egypt

Naseem Ebaid Awad | 1 June 2012
After the Spanish dictator, general Francisco Franco has passed away, Spanish people decided in a historic referendum to restore the royal regime. Now, Spain is one of the free countries that adopts devolution of power. This came after respecting the will of the Spanish people who decide what they do want and what they don't, this is democracy and everyone should respect their choice. People may disagree, debate or accuse each .. More

Shafik: the next president of Egypt

Serry al-Kodwa | 31 May 2012
The will of the Egyptians should be respected, Those who united to achieve this democratic festival all over the Arab world which will affect the whole world,their will should be respected. Egypt is located in the center of the Arab.. More

History and patriotism of Copts

Halim Eskandar | 30 May 2012
First of all, I want to point out that the title of this article is taken from a famous book by the late father Boulos Basily. I found in this title the best answer to the accusations for the Copts after the first round of the presidential elections in Egypt 2012 and a runoff election will be held between Dr. Mohammed Mursi, the candidate of Freedom and Justice Party, the political arm of Muslim Brotherhood, and Ahemd Shafik, the former prime minister. .. More

The dictatorship of the revolutionary mind!

Adel Gergis | 29 May 2012
January 25 revolution has demanded (bread – freedom – social justice) which are the fair demands of the demonstrators that in order to achieve, they had to topple the former regime. Everyone agreed that democracy is the only way to achieve these goals. Many events happened and we had to choose our president from 13 candidates, but what’s really weird is some .. More

Slaughter season of Egyptian girls

Teriza Samir | 28 May 2012
This summer comes very hot, and with its heat comes slaughter of girls. This slaughter happens at the end of each month during the summer when girls’ circumcision is performed. I was surprised to read in the newspapers that this was sponsored by one of the Islamic political parties that were established after the revolution. .. More

A Brief Review of Economics and Politics

J.M Fahmy | 25 May 2012
Away from the political talks and elections of Egypt or expectations there today I’ll take you to a short trip to a real life story I witnessed few years ago. As I’m looking all around me since several months started sometime last year around June, when Obama restlessly demanded the approval of a new bill of expenses which brought down the worldwide value of the USA Dollar, then the crisis spread to Europe and I would say the whole world. .. More

What is MB going to do?

Michel Fahmy | 24 May 2012
As the political conflict in Egypt rages, and as the currents of political Islam are fighting to rule Egypt, we should analyze the presidential elections right before it starts. ُIf none of the political Islamic candidates wins the presidential elections, there is a chance that Egypt may witness somehow intense violence and some assassinations as well. This may happen if the religious currents failed to seize the presidential office to achieve its goals. The first goal is to govern Egypt by both force and elections to achieve their agenda as I explained in previous articles... More

Copts and soccer

Safwat Freeze Ghali | 23 May 2012
In Egypt, there is a problem that many people don't even consider, however I believe is the reason behind the sectarian problems in Egypt. this problem relates to not allowing the Copts to play in the national teams of sports, especially soccer which is the most popular game in Egypt. .. More

We need a president, not a caliph!

Ezzat Boulos | 22 May 2012
In few days, Egypt will witness its first real presidential elections. Consequently, many people are thinking: Who will be the next president after the revolution that overthrew the former president? A very confusing question, especially as many of us are really dependent. We want the president to think for us, and work for us as well. As we think he knows the best for his people,.. More

What is after?

J.M Fahmy | 21 May 2012
As we are closer and closer to the doom day of elections you might all think I should remain in the spirit of the hour and talk about elections, but seriously when I think of that day, elections, results, fair or unfair elections, is there to be any discrepancies, planned or unplanned results, what is after, a 100 + 1 unanswered questions and a feel lost and empty I do not know what to say!.. More

Where are the Weapons, Awa?

Ehab Shaker | 18 May 2012
Couple of years ago and before the revolution, Mohammed Salim al-Awa, Secretary-General of the World Council of Muslim Scholars, said in an interview with Ahmed Mansour.. More

Copts and the Study of Languages

Vivian Fayez | 17 May 2012
A few weeks ago, the Alexandria Library hosted a conference entitled, "Coptic Heritage in Africa". On this occasion I would like to present a seemingly new issue. For, every time Coptic heritage is mentioned a certain question pops up .. More

AIDS or cancer?

Father Phelopatir Gamiel | 16 May 2012
6 years ago and before the Egyptian presidential elections in 2005, I wrote an essay entitled "the Copts between the National Party and the Muslim Brotherhood" where I mentioned dozens of sectarian incidents against the Copts since .. More

Canada isn’t there

Nader Fawzi | 15 May 2012
Nowadays, there are two topics that occupy the minds of all Egyptians and particularly the Copts: electing the President and choosing the Patriarch. Electing the Pope is one of the most important events in the Coptic Church, as he is the head of the church. We saw a number of bishops with dioceses were nominated for the papacy, which is against the rules that allow only general bishops and monks to be nominated... More

Is it revenge From Egypt or Just Jealousy?

J.M Fahmy | 14 May 2012
As I was Watching BBC news and other broadcasting news channels to keep a close eye on the events of last Friday my biological clock stopped and start rolling back in time to last century! The absent minded people who decided to.. More

Minors and guardians!

Monir Beshai | 11 May 2012
Recently, the General Guide of MB has given a speech in which he mentioned a conversation between him and the late Pope Shenouda III. The General Guide asked the Pope: Do you know who ordered us to take care of the Copts? The pope asked: Who? The General Guide said: The Prophet Mohammed himself!.. More

Ten Commandments to save Egypt

Sobhi Foad | 10 May 2012
While Egypt is in a state of collapse, and many Egyptians are bleeding in the streets for no good reason, Islamists are busy dividing the inheritance of Mubarak, participating in sit-ins and demonstrations, as well as inciting killing people.. More