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"Egyptian Democratic" demands FJP to apologize for the Egyptians

Others | 6 June 2012
Egyptian democratic party has demanded that Freedom and Justice Party, the political arm of Muslim Brotherhood, apologizes to the Egyptian people for what was said by an MP of FJP who told an Egyptian citizen in a TV debate: “Muslim Brotherhood are your masters”. .. More

Morsy promises a retrial for Mubarak and his assistances

Others | 6 June 2012
Mohammed Morsy, presidential candidate of Muslim Brotherhood has issued an announcement which was distributed in Beni Suef in which he promised a retrial for Mubarak and his assistances if he wins in the run-off on june 16 and 17. .. More

Spokesman of Egyptians abroad for development: most of us voted to Morsy

Amany Moussa | 6 June 2012
Ahmed al-Attar, spokesman of the Egyptians Abroad for Development campaign told Copts United that the campaign doesn't favor any of the candidate in the run-off, but most members have voted for Morsy in Qatar, Kuait, Saudi Arabia.. etc. .. More

ElBaradei collects signatures to join the Constitution

Amany Moussa | 6 June 2012
Dr. Mohamed El Baradei has started collecting signatures to establish his party, the Constitution. He explained on his page on Facebook how to register as a founding member. .. More

Egypt’s pro-democracy group foreign funding trial postponed to next month

Others | 6 June 2012
CAIRO — Egypt’s trial of employees of pro-democracy groups accused of illegally receiving foreign funds has been postponed to next month to hear government officials testify, and it will be closed to the media, one of the defendants said Tuesday. .. More

Can The New Pope Be a Diocese Bishop?

Others | 5 June 2012
Bishop Serapion, of Los Angeles and Hawaii, also one of the 18 members of the patriarchal nominating committee, speaks about preserving the Canons of the Coptic Church during the election process... More

Beni Suef: leaflets invite Muslims to vote for Morsy as he does morning prayer!

Others | 5 June 2012
Supporters of Dr. Mohammed Morsy, the presidential candidate has distributed a leaflet in Beni Suef, entitled: the differences between Shafik and Morsy in which they called Shafik an infidel. .. More

Heggy: Judgment on Mubarak is being used by the satanic brotherhood

Amany Moussa | 5 June 2012
Tarek Heggy, liberal writer and thinker expressed his fears that Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate may win. He said that if Morsy wins, it will be the end of modern Egypt, and a beginning of retardation which will bring Egypt back to the seventh century. .. More

Geprael to the Supreme Committee of the Presidential Elections: protect the Copts!

Coptsunited | 5 June 2012
However church doesn't support a presidential candidate, many Copts in Upper Egypt have received threats they would be killed if they vote for Ahemd Shafik. .. More

Secretary of “The Assembly”: Mubarak’s life imprisonment will soon be not guilty

Others | 4 June 2012
Mohamed Ibrahim Eweis, Secretary of "The Assembly" Party in Beni Suef said that it doesn’t make sense that the former minister of interiors is sentenced to life imprisonment while all his assistances are not guilty. He added that he who had given the orders to kill innocent people should be executed, and such rule will give Mubarak a chance to be set free after the appeal. .. More

“Sorry Mr. President”: it’s just a political judgment

Others | 4 June 2012
Page of “Sorry Mr. President” on Facebook denounced such judgment on Mubarak, and said addressing the revolutionists: this is just a political judgment and history will prove he is innocent. .. More

Malawy: Police released the kidnapped Copt without paying the ransom

Others | 4 June 2012
Ezzat Ibrahim, human rights activist said that police in Malawy has released the kidnapped Copt, Heshmat Hanna Tadrus, farmer (42) who was kidnapped from his field 2 days ago. Kidnappers had demanded 2 million EGP ransom in order to release him. .. More

Asyut: demonstration to denounce the judgment on Mubarak

Others | 4 June 2012
6 April movement, Islamic Parties, coalition of revolution youth as well as many political forces in Asyut has participated in a demonstration to denounce the judgment on Mubarak and demanded reformation of the judicial system. .. More

Beni Suef: break into Shafik campaign office

Others | 4 June 2012
Ahmed Kamel, Shafik’s campaign coordinator in Beni Suef said that a number of demonstrators have broken into the campaign’s office and torn Shafik’s posters into pieces. .. More

Holy Synod declares the initial list of candidates for the papacy

Others | 1 June 2012
Holy Synod has declared the preliminary list of candidates for the papacy, which didn't include Abba Moussa, bishop of Youth. .. More

Beni Suef: Shafik's campaign office is threatened by arson

Others | 1 June 2012
Ahmed Kamel, coordinator of Shafik's campaign in Beni Suef told Copts United that the Directorate of the security of Beni Suef had agreed to guard the electoral headquarters for Ahmed Shafik in Beni Suef until the run-off. .. More

Ismail Hosni to supporters of Mursy: You should consult a doctor!

Others | 1 June 2012
Ismail Hosni, political thinker, advised anyone who is going to vote for Mohammed Mursy, the presidential candidates of Muslim Brotherhood, to repent or go to see a doctor! .. More

Heggy condemns the announcements of al-Aswani

Amany Moussa | 1 June 2012
Dr. Tarek Heggy, writer and political thinker, has condemned the announcements of the novelist, Alaa al-Aswani who said: If Copts vote for Shafik, we will vote for Islam! .. More

Investigation with MB leaders are demanded for inciting against Copts

Amany Moussa | 31 May 2012
Egyptian Center for Human Rights called for investigations with Muslim Brotherhood leaders who accused the Copts of being the reason that Shafik has reached the run-off. They also accused the Copts of betraying the revolution and the blood of the martyrs. .. More

Suez: Publications claims electing Shafik is Haram!

Others | 31 May 2012
Publications were distributed yesterday in Suez claiming that electing Shafik is Haram (against the Islamic law). On the other hand, other publications were distributed which said that defeating Shafik in the presidential elections is a religious duty... More

Abu Ghali: Prosecution is interrogating those who burned Shafik's headquarters

Others | 31 May 2012
Businessman Amir Abu Ghali, a supporter of Ahmed Shafik for the presidency, told Copts United that a number of those who burned the headquarters of Ahemd Shafik's campaign are being interrogated by the prosecution. .. More