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Egypt’s top 2 candidates in presidential race reach out to critics to broaden support

Others | 27 May 2012
The two surviving candidates in Egypt’s presidential election appealed Saturday for support from voters who rejected them as polarizing extremists in the first round even as they faced a new challenge from the third runner-up who contested the preliminary results.. More

Election bribes and boycotts outside of Cairo

Others | 25 May 2012
4:00 pm: A supporter of Freedom and Justice Party presidential candidate Mohamed Morsy was distributing meat and sugar to voters in Qena Governorate, according to election monitors with the Hurra Naziha Coalition. .. More

US Senate approves cutting Egypt aid by $5 million, cites NGO activists bail

Others | 25 May 2012
US senators subtracted $5 million from aid provided to Egypt on Wednesday, to reimburse the US Treasury for money it paid to bail out American pro-democracy activists facing charges there earlier this year. .. More

Tantawi encounters awkward situations in poll visits

Others | 25 May 2012
During visits to polling stations on Wednesday, military ruler Hussein Tantawi found himself in a few awkward situations with voters. .. More

Revolutionaries to rally in Tahrir Thursday as warning to army

Others | 25 May 2012
Revolutionary youth movements announced Wednesday that they would rally in Tahrir Square Thursday to send a warning to the ruling military council not to interfere with election results on behalf of former regime candidates. .. More

Shafiq set to be frontrunner in Cairo's Abbasiya district, but not unchallenged

Others | 25 May 2012
The mood on the streets of Cairo's Abbasiya district on Wednesday morning was characteristically pensive, as it has been for the past three weeks since the eruption ofbloody clashesnear defence ministry headquarters between protesters angry with the disqualification of Salafist presidential hopeful Hazem Abu-Ismail, unknown assailants and military police. .. More

Elections commission receives reports of campaign violations

Others | 24 May 2012
Egyptians are voting today for the first president after the 25 January uprising. More than 50 million citizens across Egypt’s 27 governorates are eligible to vote, choosing from 11 candidates. The contest is considered wide open. Egypt Independent will be bringing you live updates throughout the day. .. More

Shafiq denies stroke rumors, says supporters would respect election results

Others | 24 May 2012
Presidential candidate and former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq denied on Wednesday rumors that he had suffered a stroke or been the victim of an assassination attempt. .. More

Elections Commission: Mubarak has the right to vote

Others | 24 May 2012
Secretary General of the Presidential Elections Commission Hatem Bagato said Tuesday that ousted President Hosni Mubarak and his son, Gamal, have the right to vote in the presidential election. .. More

Stock market rises, encouraged by election optimism

Others | 24 May 2012
Egypt’s stock market had risen by midday Wednesday, encouraged by an atmosphere of optimism produced by the presidential election, which has so far not witnessed major problems, alleviating investors’ fears. .. More

Egypt election brings hope and fear to historic Shubra

Others | 24 May 2012
As I stood in a line of around thirty women in front of Insaf Siry School in Shubra, the historic neighbourhood in central Cairo, the air was tense. The atmosphere was one of seriousness and worry rather than excitement about Egypt's first democratic presidential election. .. More

Ganzouri: We will not allow any irregularities in election

Others | 23 May 2012
In press statements on Monday, Prime Minister Kamal al-Ganzouri said the government would not allow any irregularities in this week's presidential election, and would take all legal measures against attempts to prevent citizens from casting their votes. .. More

Egypt GDP grows an unexpected 5.2 pct in 1Q2012: Minister

Others | 23 May 2012
Egypt's economy grew by 5.2 per cent in the first quarter of the 2012 calendar year, the country's minister of planning said on Monday. .. More

National Council for Human Rights calls upon elections commission to extend voting period

Others | 23 May 2012
The National Council for Human Rights (NHCR) called upon the Presidential Elections Commission to extend the voting period to allow all Egyptians to cast their votes. .. More

Egypt military coup is 'very possible', says Mubarak's ex-spy chief

Others | 23 May 2012
Egypt's ex-intelligence chief has predicted a military coup that will eventually pit the country's armed forces against the Muslim Brotherhood and its future "Iranian-style revolutionary guard". .. More

Egypt buys 1.1 mn tons of local wheat, supply ministry says

Others | 23 May 2012
ABU DHABI — Egypt has bought 1.1 million tons of local wheat so far in the 2011/2012 season despite diesel shortages that have hampered harvesting, an official at the Supply and Domestic Trade Ministry said late Monday. .. More

SCAF to issue interim constitution before presidential poll

Others | 22 May 2012
With only two days to go before Egypt's first post-Mubarak presidential election on Wednesday and Thursday, the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) appears set to issue an interim constitution. The move comes after parliament failed to form a constituent assembly mandated with writing Egypt's first post-revolution national charter. .. More

Committee to count Egyptian expat votes Monday

Others | 22 May 2012
The general committee supervising voting for Egyptians abroad in the presidential election is scheduled to meet Monday at the Foreign Ministry to count the ballots cast last week. .. More

Heikal: Upcoming president of Egypt needs a miracle

Others | 22 May 2012
Famous Egyptian writer and journalist Mohamed Hassenein Heikel spoke Sunday in interview with Al-Ahram newspaper about the progress of the Egyptian revolution and the upcoming presidential elections. Heikal warns that the elections alone will not solve Egypt's problems or the surmount challenges the revolution is facing. .. More

Egyptian presidential campaign blackout begins

Others | 22 May 2012
A ban on presidential campaigning entered into force on Monday with two days to go for Egypt's first election since a popular uprising ousted longtime President Hosni Mubarak. .. More

Activists, rights groups struggle to keep Abbasseya detainees in limelight

Others | 22 May 2012
While the country is preoccupied with the presidential election set for Wednesday and Thursday, certain activists, politicians and human rights groups are trying to keep the spotlight on dozens of protesters arrested following the early May clashes in front of the Defense Ministry in Abbasseya. .. More