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Moussa signature forgery case adjourned to June

Others | 16 May 2012
Luxor Criminal Court adjourned the trial of four defendants accused of forging signatures in favor of presidential candidate Amr Moussa on Tuesday until 9 June... More

Hamzawy submits documents for his new political party

Others | 16 May 2012
Independent MP Amr Hamzawy submitted papers to found a political party called Freedom Egypt to the parties’ affairs committee on Tuesday... More

Rights group documents 841 deaths in 2011 uprising

Others | 16 May 2012
An Egyptian rights group released Tuesday the most comprehensive list to date of the more than 800 civilians killed by security forces in last year's uprising that overthrew Hosni Mubarak last year. .. More

Shafiq threatens protesters if he wins presidential election

Others | 16 May 2012
“Wishful thinking,” said presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq, commenting on certain MPs and representatives of political forces saying they would oust him if he wins by holding mass demonstrations against him. .. More

Egyptian Embassy in London: Voter turnout less than 15 percent

Others | 16 May 2012
Voter turnout for the presidential election that began on Friday did not exceed 15 percent of all registered voters, announced the Egyptian embassy in London. .. More

Shafiq denies graft allegations, hits back at MP Sultan

Others | 15 May 2012
Presidential contender, Ahmed Shafiq, refuted Monday accusations by Wasat Party MP, Essam Sultan, that he had exploited his position as head of Young Air Force Officers Association by selling thousands of acres of state land in Ismailiya, earmarked for the Association, at reduced prices to Hosni Mubarak's sons... More

Sabbahi says he would cut gas supply to Israel even if prices raised

Others | 15 May 2012
Presidential hopeful Hamdeen Sabbahi has pledged that if elected, he would not export natural gas to Israel, even if the two countries agreed to raise the price of the gas. .. More

Cabinet poll suggests Ahmed Shafiq leads presidential race

Others | 15 May 2012
Presidential hopeful Ahmed Shafiq leads the presidential race, according to an opinion poll conducted by the Cabinet’s Information and Decision Support Center, MENA reported... More

Free Egyptians Party warns against presidential campaigning in mosques

Others | 15 May 2012
The liberal Free Egyptians Party has warned against what it described as the “dire consequences” of using mosques to campaign for presidential candidates... More

Free Egyptians won't back a presidential candidate

Others | 15 May 2012
Egypt's liberal Free Egyptians Party (FEP) announced in a Monday press statement that it will not be supporting a presidential candidate in the upcoming elections, as no one contender secured enough votes in the party's internal poll... More

The rule of SCAF is coming to an end

Others | 14 May 2012
"I'll believe it when I see it, but I am not really convinced that they will go completely. They'll have the (presidential) elections on time because they know that otherwise they would face trouble. But they will find a way to keep interfering," said Nabil, a retired civil servant. commenting on the imminent end to the rule of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF)... More

Administrative court decides presidential elections should be held as scheduled

Others | 14 May 2012
The Supreme Administrative Court has accepted the Presidential Elections Commission's appeal against a lower court's decision to halt the presidential elections... More

In Egypt turmoil, thieves hunt pharaonic treasures

Others | 14 May 2012
CAIRO — Taking advantage of Egypt’s political upheaval, thieves have gone on a treasure hunt with a spree of illegal digging, preying on the country’s ancient pharaonic heritage... More

SPEC to keep Shafiq in presidential race despite Mubarak-minister law

Others | 14 May 2012
The Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission (SPEC), tasked with managing the elections process, has reportedly decided not to ban Mubarak's last prime minister Ahmed Shafiq from the presidential race, commission sources have revealed... More

Egypt foreign ministry lays out voter guidelines for expats

Others | 14 May 2012
Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement on Wednesday containing detailed voting guidelines for Egyptians living abroad, who will be able to cast ballots in Egypt’s first post-revolution presidential poll from 11 to 17 May... More

ElBaradei: Peaceful protest gives a revolution strength and purity

Others | 11 May 2012
Mohamed ElBaradei has called on revolutionary forces to work with all social classes to achieve the goals of the revolution, adding that peaceful protest gives the revolution strength and purity... More

Women accuse Egyptian military of sexual assault

Others | 11 May 2012
Women protesters and rights groups have accused Egyptian troops and prison authorities of sexual assault during the latest crackdown on demonstrations, reviving allegations they are using abuse to intimidate female detainees and protesters... More

State news service: Ganzouri makes changes to Cabinet

Others | 11 May 2012
Prime Minister Kamal al-Ganzouri has made a limited cabinet reshuffle, with three ministers leaving the cabinet, the state-owned wire service MENA reported... More

Egypt journalists protest detention of colleagues during Abbasiya clashes

Others | 11 May 2012
According to the Muslim Brotherhood's English-language website, Mohamed Abdel-Qudous, leading member of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate, declared that the syndicate was "leaning towards" calling on members to refrain from reporting news related to Egypt's ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) pending the release of all journalists detained in last weekend's Abbassiya clashes... More

Army renews Abbasseya curfew, says state TV

Others | 11 May 2012
The curfew imposed in the Abbasseya neighborhood of Cairo and the areas surrounding the Defense Ministry has extended for the sixth day, state TV quoted a military source as saying on Wednesday... More

Court upholds prison sentence for activist

Others | 10 May 2012
Initial reactions varied towards Tuesday's controversial decision by the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission (SPEC) to indefinitely suspend all of its activities, with some political forces blaming the legal body, while others took a swipe at the People's Assembly (the lower house of Egypt's parliament)... More