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Hussein Yacoub demands the Sharia be applied to all humans

Others | 15 May 2012
In a sermon entitled "Why are we deprived of sheik Hazem Salah Abu Ismail?" in al-Tawhid mosque in Mansoura, sheik Mohammed Hussein Yacoub said that many people are ashamed of applying the Sharia, and he is so sad for the exclusion of Abu Ismail, the man who is not embarrassed of the Sharia. .. More

Wagdy Ghoneim: female circumcision is a plastic surgery which Islam supports

Others | 15 May 2012
Many Facebook users have shared a video for sheik Wagdy Ghoneim in which he encourages the female circumcision. He started by assuring that Egypt is a secular country that works against Islam. .. More

Registration committee back to work, and important meeting for Holy Synod

Others | 15 May 2012
The Commission of registering voters in the papal elections resumes its work today. Furthermore, it discusses the chances to register the voters in the Diaspora. .. More

Tarek Heggy: If I were the president, I would appoint a woman as vice-president

Others | 15 May 2012
Dr. Tarek Heggy, the liberal thinker said in his interview with Motaz al-Demerdash on al-Hayat private TV: there is no problem in electing a young man to be the president, however our bureaucracy will hinder him. .. More

Minya: "I’m liberal" campaign replaces the Islamic campaigns

Others | 14 May 2012
A group of young people in Minya have formed the liberal Youth Union aiming at spreading the liberalism in Minya and changing the stereotypes of liberals spread by the Islamic current. .. More

Ahmed Shafik to the Coptic Diaspora: Law will be applied with no discrimination

Others | 14 May 2012
Ahmed Shafik, the presidential candidate has Published a message on Youtube for the Egyptians abroad, and especially the Copts... More

Khalid Ali to MB: you should reveal your finances

Amany Moussa | 14 May 2012
Khalid Ali, the presidential candidate asked the leaders of Muslim Brotherhood to reveal their finances. He added in an interview on al-Nahar private television with Mahmoud Saad that it is no more acceptable after the revolution to avoid mentioning the finances of the group, as it is no longer a prohibited group and it now has a political party... More

May 19: last day for receiving nominations for the papacy

Others | 14 May 2012
Edward Ghalib, Member of the committee supervising the papal elections said the committee has decided that the last day for receiving nominations for the papacy is Saturday, May 19... More

Abul Fotouh: A Muslim can convert to Christianity, but we will kill him!

Amany Moussa | 14 May 2012
Dr. Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, the presidential candidate in an interview with Mona al-Shazly on Dream private TV on April 28, 2012 talked about the freedom of belief, and refused to kill the apostate according to the Islamic Sharia. He mentioned a verse of Quran that gives everyone the choice to believe or not. .. More

Coptic Christians fear rise of Islamists on eve of presidential elections

Others | 13 May 2012
CAIRO — A year after an attack by ultraconservative Muslims raised the spectre of a wave of religious strife in Egypt, the Christian churches in Cairo’s Imbaba district have been repaired, with sturdy wooden rafters, fresh paint and portraits of the Virgin Mary and Jesus ready to be hung anew. But the deep wounds from those attacks and ensuing clashes, which left 12 dead, cannot be painted over. .. More

We’re watching you: a campaign to supervise the presidential elections

Amany Moussa | 11 May 2012
A campaign has been launched by a number of young people to supervise the presidential elections to come which is entitled “We’re watching you”... More

Shubra: A demonstration to support the Egyptian Army

Others | 11 May 2012
Mohammed Abdallah, a political activist, told Copts United that they are preparing for a demonstration in Shubra al-Khima next Friday to support the Egyptian Army against its enemies who have tried to break in the Ministry of Defense. He added that those people should be judged before court-martial according to the Egyptian laws... More

SCAF: We don’t favor any presidential candidate

Others | 11 May 2012
The Egyptian television aired a statement of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces in which it invited all the authorities in Egypt to unite in order to hand the power to a civilian president in the due time... More

Beni Suef: The disappearance of a Coptic student in mysterious circumstances

Others | 11 May 2012
Atif Nady wahba (17 years old), a student in the technical secondary school of Beni Suef, has disappeared 15 days ago. He lives in Sherif Basha village in Beni Suef. .. More

Bishop Markos: Registration committee is off till Monday

Others | 11 May 2012
The registration committee for the papal election will stop working till next Monday. Abba Markos, bishop of Shubra al-Khema and a spokesman for the registration committee said they will stop working because of the demonstrations of tomorrow... More

MB official website: Abul Fotouh stops breathing during sleep

Others | 10 May 2012
The official website for the Muslim Brotherhood on September 28, 2009 had published a story about an appeal for the Administrative Court to release Dr. Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, the Secretary General of the Arab Doctors Union and a member of the Guidance Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood, for his health conditions... More

Amr Moussa in Dakahlia: We will gradually give up the American aids

Others | 10 May 2012
Amr Moussa, the presidential candidate, said that his electoral platform seeks to support the capacity of Egyptian military through the National Security Council which he is going to establish after he wins, in addition to raising the human capacity and the provision of the required budgets for the Army... More

The investigation of Maspero with Geprael, Philopatier and Matthias are closed

Coptsunited | 10 May 2012
Dr. Naguib Geprael said that the investigations of Maspero with him, father Philopatier and father Matthias were closed as they found no proof for the accusations... More

El-Yaziel in Austria: the Constitution won’t mention a religious state

Others | 10 May 2012
General Sameh Seif el-Yaziel, security expert and head of the Republic Center of the Strategic Studies and Research of Security, has visited the Egyptian diaspora in Austria for 3 days. He met with the Copts there and listened to their questions about the current situation and the future of Egypt... More

SCAF: the Egyptian blood is more important than the Parliament

Others | 9 May 2012
The Supreme Council of Armed Forces has issued a statement on its official page on Facebook entitled: "The sanctity of the Egyptian blood and the Parliament of the revolution" in which it confirmed that since the beginning of the revolution, the Armed Forces have announced its full support for the revolution as well as the right to perform peaceful demonstrations. .. More

Beni Suef: fake banners to support Mursi

Others | 9 May 2012
To avoid accusing Dr. Mohammed Mursi, the presidential candidate for Muslim Brotherhood, of receiving money from other countries to spend on his huge advertising campaign, MB used names of some people to sign hundreds of advertising banners for their candidate in the cities and villages of Beni Suef governorate. .. More