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Mallawy: MB members and Salafis insult Amr Moussa

Others | 3 May 2012
Amr Moussa, the presidential candidate held a conference yesterday in Mallawy, Minya which was attended by about twenty thousand people... More

Abul Fotouh stops his presidential campaign after attacking al-Abbasya sit-in

Amany Moussa | 3 May 2012
Dr. Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh announced on his Twitter account stopping all activates of his presidential campaign today to protest against the attack on al-Abbasya sit-in in which people 6 died and 150 wounded in the absence of police... More

El-Baradie: SCAF is conniver in the attacks of al-Abbasya

Amany Moussa | 3 May 2012
Dr. Mohamed el-Baradie, on his Twitter account said, the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) and the government are incapable of providing security and are conniver in these attacks. He addressed them saying: you have failed. Go away, Egypt collapses thanks to you... More

Al-Ameria: Reports of an attack on a church in al-Basra village

Others | 3 May 2012
Wissa Fawzi, human rights activist told Copts United that a group of fanatics are being gathered in front of St. Wannas church in al-Basra village, al-Ameria, Alexandria in order to attack it. .. More

Christians refuse nominating any bishop with a diocese for papacy

Coptsunited | 2 May 2012
Many Christians in Alexandria signed a statement to ask Abba Pachomius, acting Patriarch to prevent nominating bishops with dioceses for the papacy as this is against the laws of the Church. .. More

Coptic writer Malak Luka dies at 80

Others | 2 May 2012
Coptic writer and journalist Malak Luka died yesterday at the age of 80. His funeral will be held today in St. Mary church in Massara, Cairo. Luke enriched the Coptic library with more than 500 books, for instance: Treasures of the stories and tales, a selection of masterpieces of stories, 200 stories for your child, Simplified Science for child encyclopedia... More

Sohag: Kidnappers of Coptic girl threaten to burn the Coptic houses!

Others | 2 May 2012
Remon Halim keddis, the brother of the kidnapped Christian girl of al-Balblina, Sohag told Copts United that someone called Abdel Sattar al-Dawy from al-Santa village, Baliana has contacted him on his phone and claimed he’s talking on behalf of his sister Mary’s kidnappers and asked him to pay 100.000 Egyptian Pounds to return his sister... More

“Gathering”: MB is playing with fire by breaking its agreement with Tantawi and Parties

Others | 2 May 2012
Gathering Party denounced in a statement the shameful manipulation by Muslim Brotherhood of the nation and its future, by insisting on using its majority in parliament to draft the Egyptian constitution that fits them, which is against the interests of the religion and the nation... More

Amr Moussa: National Unity should be learnt at school

Others | 1 May 2012
During his visit today to the Sohag Diocese for the Coptic Orthodox, Amr Moussa, the presidential candidate, said that it is necessary to teach the national unity in schools, asserting that Egypt needs a president who is able to make a balance between political forces in control of the parliament, and other political forces... More

Khalid Ali: Egyptian authorities are indifferent to Egyptians abroad

Others | 1 May 2012
Khalid Ali, a candidate for the presidency said that the Egyptian authorities are still dealing with the Egyptians diaspora in the same way of the old regime and are indifference to the Egyptian dignity, not realizing that our revolution aimed at restoring the Egyptian dignity in Egypt and abroad. Thus, people have tried to solve the problem of al-Gizawy with a demonstration in front of the Saudi embassy as it wasn’t solved diplomatically... More

Holy Synod discuss the papal elections, and 15 candidate for papacy

Others | 1 May 2012
The Holy Synod held a meeting today with the committee supervising the papal elections to discuss the procedures of the elections and the lists of voters... More

Church prepares its members for the founding committee of the constitution

Others | 1 May 2012
Copts United knew that the Orthodox Church has sent a letter to the Parliament includes nominations of some religious men and legal figures for the membership of the founding committee of the Constitution. .. More

Sabahi demands the withdrawal of the Egyptian ambassador from Saudia Arabia

Others | 1 May 2012
The presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi said that Egypt with its position and value won’t accept to have conflicts with another Arab country, and we won’t accept to cut off our relations with any Arab country, but we can’t also tolerate insults from them... More

Al-Hariri: Abul Fotouh supports MB and gave his word to the General Guide

Others | 30 April 2012
Aboul Ezz al-Hariri, candidate for the presidency said they’ve failed to unite the youth of the revolution. He added that Abdul Moniem Abul Fotouh won’t support this initiative as he gave his word to the General Guide of Muslim Brotherhood, and he have been always supporting them... More

Abu Ismail supports carry the flag of al-Qaeda in Tahrir square

Others | 30 April 2012
Supporters of Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, the excluded candidate of the presidential race because of the American nationality of his mother, have raised a black flag which was written on it “NO GOD BUT GOD” which belongs to al-Qaeda. This happened in their demonstrations in Tahrir square and before the ministry of defense building... More

Recommending Abba Moussa for the papacy, and he refuses

Others | 30 April 2012
For the second day, Supervising Commission for electing the new Pope has received testimonials f the candidates for the papacy. Abba Moussa, bishop of the Youth have got the most testimonials of the Holy Synod and the General Congregation Council, however he refuses to be nominated. .. More

El-Baradei: We do not want any trade on Islam

Others | 30 April 2012
Dr. Mohamed el-Baradei said during the founding conference of the Constitution party yesterday, that the members have decided to come together and unite to form the Constitution party in order to save the revolution that lost its direction as well as to achieve the goals of it which are: Bread, freedom and social justice... More

Coptic organizations Union in Europe: Egyptian media is against the altar lot

Others | 30 April 2012
Union of Coptic organizations in Europe announced that they were never involved in drafting the statement which was published in some newspapers to recommend Abba Pachomius to be the Pope. The mentioned statement cited the story of choosing Pope Youannis XIX (1929 - 1942) without drawing the altar lot against the current traditions of choosing the Pope... More

Abba Pachomius celebrated a mass for Pope Shenouda in St. Bishoy monastery

Others | 27 April 2012
Bishops of the Coptic Orthodox Church celebrated today the mass of the fortieth day for the departure of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III in St. Bishoy monastery in Wadil Natroun. .. More

Elections Committee: Public prosecution will be reported about any fake documents

Others | 27 April 2012
During a press conference today, judge Farouk Sultan, head of the Supreme Committee for the presidential elections said the committee will report the Public Prosecution for any fake document they received. .. More

Suez: Political forces refuse to participate with MB in tomorrow’s demonstration

Others | 27 April 2012
Political forces in Suez announced it won’t participate with Muslim Brotherhood or any other Islamists in tomorrow’s demonstration or any other one. .. More